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  • [power unius rei : the fait in universal brotherhood ]2 Kings 4:42-44 Feeding of a Hundred 42 A man came from Baal Shalishah, bringing the man of God twenty loaves of barley bread baked from the first ripe grain, along with some heads of new grain. "Give it to the people to eat," Elisha said. 43 "How can I set this before a hundred men?" his servant asked. But Elisha answered, "Give it to the people to eat. For this is what the Lord says: 'They will eat and have some left over. '" 44 Then he set it before them, and they ate and had some left over, according to the word of the Lord.
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    shalom + salam = blessings to all Religions and to all Peoples! die satana! This is the chice the Word of God, today, God works miracles, very happy when we do not think selfishly to us, but we ask the happiness and welfare of all mankind questo chice la PArola di Dio oggi, Dio fa i miracoli, molto volentieri quando non pensiamo egoisticamente a noi, ma, chiediamo la felicità, e il benessere di tutto il genere umano
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  • I have already been to church! I go to Mass every Sunday! But, Obama is a murderess, a true Satanist of Mason, in fact, witchcraft is taught in American schools: while every Christian symbol was denied, in fact, he has publicly made ​​it impossible to out-source the Christian religion: he has done everything to damage Christianity is why cannibalism of Satanists: is spreading throughout all society, as a cancer! io sono gia stato in Chiesa! io vado a messa ogni domenica! ma, Obama è un assassino: un vero satanista di massone, infatti, la stregoneria è insegnata nelle scuole americane: mentre ogni simbolo cristiano è stato negato, infatti, lui ha reso impossibile esternare pubblicamente la religione cristiana: lui ha fatto di tutto per danneggiare il cristianesimo: ecco perché il cannibalismo dei satanisti: si sta diffondendo in tutta la società!!!
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  • It's Sunday. So we go to worship. Please note today: it's the day of the Lord. Pay attention for your words!!
  • I love jesus
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    Thank you MarlaMarleen: to you, and to all people good! Thank you for your high level of civility and responsibility, but we must say that our leaders as Masons, have wanted to train a generation of monsters and Satanists, all hatred for Jesus Christ! because they are the sons of darkness! but the extent of Wrath of God, is coming to its height: is the end! will end. very early, the bad life, of this vicious of evil 322 666, accomplices of all thieves satanists criminals of the IMF!
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  • hallelujah --> [unius rei] My anger burns in the mouth of hell all the sons of darkness! alleluia la mia ira brucia sulla bocca degli inferi tutti i figli della oscurità! alleluia
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  • Matthew 16,23 Qui conversus dixit Petro: "Vade retro me Satana Tu autem impedit animum ne humana divinis. " Matthew 16.23 But he turned and said to Peter, "Get behind Me, Satan! You are my downfall, because you did not mind the things of God, but the things of men. "
  • Crux sancta sit mihi lux / Non draco sit mihi dux Vade retro satana / Numquam suade mihi vana Sunt mala quae libas / Ipse venena bibas (Italiano) Croce santa sia la mia luce, non sia il drago la mia guida, retrocedi, Satana, non tentare mai di persuadermi, sono cose vane, sono cose male quelle che offri, bevi tu stesso i veleni. La locuzione latina Vade retro Satana, tradotta letteralmente, significa "Arretra Satana", oppure "Vai indietro, torna indietro Satana".
  • Satan is my father
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    Vade retro satana ("Go back, Satan" or "Step back, Satan") is a Medieval Catholic formula for exorcism, recorded in a 1415 manuscript found in the Benedictine Metten Abbey in Bavaria[1][2] and its origin is traditionally associated with the Benedictines. In current Catholic tradition, the formula (sometimes reduced to the vade retro verse) is used to repel any possible evil thing or happening, as a "spoken amulet". The initials of this formula (VRSNSMV SMQLIVB or VRS:NSMV:SMQL:IVB) have often been engraved around crucifixes or Catholic Saint Benedict Medals at least since 1780
  • [unius rei king of israel] The phrase vade retro satana (often spelled vade retro satanas, or sathanas) is also used as a witty or scholarly prose device, dissociated from its religious implications, to express strong rejection of an unacceptable (but possibly tempting) proposal, or dread of some looming menace. Namely, in the sense of "do not tempt me!", "I will have nothing to do with that", "will someone deliver us from that", and so on
  • Crux sancta sit mihi lux / Non draco sit mihi dux Vade retro satana / Numquam suade mihi vana Sunt mala quae libas / Ipse venena bibas In approximate translation: "Let the Holy Cross be my light / Let not the dragon be my guide Step back Satan / Never tempt me with vain things What you offer me is evil / You drink the poison yourself."
  • [Portae inferni non praevalebunt] verba Jesus ad apostolus Petrus: tu es Petrus, et eximius hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam, et portae praevalebunt inferno non. Verba Jesus ad apostolus Petrus (eius Divinum Benedictus XVI): tu es Petrus, et eximius hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam, et portae inferni non praevalebunt -----> portae inferi non praevalebunt ] Parole di Gesù all'apostolo Pietro: tu es Petrus, et super hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam, et portae inferi non praevalebunt . Parole di Gesù all'apostolo Pietro (Sua Santità Benedetto XVI): tu es Petrus, et super hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam, et portae inferi non praevalebunt
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    @hallelujah GOD JHWH my Allah --> [unius rei] Jesus knows that Peter's answer: do not come directly from him ... and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it "(Mt 16, 18) Gesù sa che questa risposta di Pietro: proviene non direttamente da lui ... e le porte degli inferi non prevarranno contro di essa" (Mt 16, 18)

The Miracle of the Bread (2 Kings 4:42-44)

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As you study the life and ministry of Elisha, it is easy to see how his character and works resemble many of the features of the ministry of our Lord. The story of the man from Baal-shalishah is very similar to the feeding of the 5,000 or the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish. The famine that existed in the preceding story of the poisonous pottage is still in effect in this event (2 Kings 4:38-41). There the emphasis was on the flour which nullified the poisonous pottage, a picture of the Lord Jesus and His Word, the only antidote to the various poisons of the world. Here the emphasis will be similar. Bread and grain are provided which again portray the Savior and His Word as the answer to the spiritual famine, only now, another dimension is added, that of our responsibility to trust God to multiply what He has given us as we share Him with others.
As the disciples were to learn from the feeding of the five thousand, so here we have a group of prophets gathered together around Elisha because it was to these men that God had given the responsibility of carrying His Word to an idolatrous nation. This was a difficult, if not impossible task apart from the divine enablement of God. They would face personal hardships, persecutions, times of want, and many other difficulties for which only God was adequate. In this text, they were called on to believe God and trust Him for all their needs and responsibilities. As we relate this to our own lives, let’s ask a couple of pertinent questions:
First, what are some of our needs for which we need to trust the Lord? These include our own personal weaknesses and failures; our need to grow in faith and obedience; our ignorance and lack of spiritual discernment; our physical needs and wants; our needs of guidance and wisdom, courage, honesty or character, and many like things.
Second, what are some of our responsibilities? These include the use of our gifts, talents, and the ministries God has given us and wants to give us; our responsibility to study, pray, love and care for others (family, friends, neighbors) and many other things.


2 Kings 4:42-44 Now a man came from Baal-shalishah, and brought the man of God bread of the first fruits, twenty loaves of barley and fresh ears of grain in his sack. And he said, “Give them to the people that they may eat.” 43 And his attendant said, “What, shall I set this before a hundred men?” But he said, “Give them to the people that they may eat, for thus says the LORD, ‘They shall eat and have some left over.’” 44 So he set it before them, and they ate and had some left over, according to the word of the LORD.

A lesson in faith, love, and stewardship (vs. 42a)

Who was this man from Baal-shalisha? His identity is simply not given. Perhaps he represents so many of us whose names will never be in a hall of fame or on a who’s who. Clearly, he represents a faithful believer who gave of his substance, but the Lord knew him and will never forget him. “For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints” (Heb. 6:10). The author of Hebrews goes on to say “We desire that each one of you show the same diligence so as so realize the full assurance of hope until the end” (Heb 6:11). With this in mind, we should also remember Paul’s exhortation, “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord” (1 Cor 15:58).
The fact this man is not identified also reminds us of another truth, one expressed by John the Baptist when he was questioned by his disciples over the growing influence and popularity of Jesus with a corresponding decline in the influence and popularity of John. John showed no jealousy or concern, but rather reaffirmed what he had said all along. He was but a witness of the Savior (see John 3:26-29). In the growing influence of Jesus, John found his own joy fulfilled just as the friend of the bridegroom, the best man, is there to support the groom and finds joy in that role. John then made this important statement, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). As servants and instruments of the Lord, we should never call attention to ourselves, but to the Savior we represent because He alone is sufficient for the needs of mankind. But, unless we are truly finding our significance and joy in the Savior, the constant temptation is for us to want to be in the limelight if we are seeking our significance in the praise of men.
Though the man is unidentified, the text tells us he was from Baal-shalishah. Where exactly was that? From the text this seems to be more significant than the man’s name. Why? Man’s chief end is to glorify God, to exalt the Lord and draw attention to Him because of who and what He is to men and the universe. That he was from a place called Baal-shalishah does this very thing. The fact the man was from this particular place during a time of famine was a polemic against the worship of Baal.
Remember that Elisha’s miracles were often performed as an argument and an appeal against the idolatrous cult and worship of Baal, the god of storm and fertility. God’s supremacy over Baal and Baal’s impotence is constantly affirmed in the stories of Elisha and his acts served as a polemic against the very powers that were attributed to the pagan nature deity who was supposed to control fertility in agriculture, in man and beast as well as the rain.
The fact this man comes from Baal-shalishah demonstrates this.
First, the term baal means “owner, husband, master,” but it was often used simply as a name for the Canaanite deity called Baal. Sometimes the verb form, B`u~l, was used of the Lord, the true God of Israel to express His relationship to Israel as master or husband with whom they were in covenant relation.
Jeremiah 3:14 “Return, O faithless sons,” declares the Lord; “For I am a master (B`u~l) to you, And I will take you one from a city and two from a family, And I will bring you to Zion.”
Jeremiah 31:32 “not like the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband (B`u~l) to them,” declares the Lord.
When Israel was obedient to this covenant then Yahweh, her husband or master and provider, would bless the land (Deut 28:29). When disobedient to the covenant, they would experience cursing such as famine. Israel had been disloyal to Yahweh and had gone into baalism, thus, there was famine in the land.
Second, shalishah mean’s “third” and can stand for the idea of “multiplicity” because in Hebrew the number three was the smallest number which set forth the idea of multiplicity. So the name Baal-shalisha could mean “the Lord of multiplicity” or perhaps, “the Lord who multiplies.” So here a man, a worshipper of Yahweh, the true God and husband of Israel, was coming to the true prophets of God with bread and grain which Yahweh would miraculously multiply as the God of multiplicity. This would again demonstrate that He alone was the true God who would meet their needs and multiply their ministries.
Third, note that he came to the “man of God,” to that man who stood opposed to the prophets of Baal and his worship. God was honoring the ministry of Elisha and the true prophets of God.
Fourth, what he brought is described as the “first fruits” of his crop. This proves he was a godly and true believer in Yahweh who was bringing from God’s blessing in accordance to the Old Testament Law, God’s covenant with Israel. The first fruits or the first portion of the crop was to be given to the Lord in obedience and as a sign of faith that Yahweh, the God of Israel, the covenant-keeping God, would give the rest of the crops. It was an act of faith that demonstrated the person believed God’s covenant and that more would follow because Yahweh was faithful to His promises.
Fifth, in this act of faith by this one unknown man, we see how God takes the faith of one believer, never mentioned again in Scripture as far as we know, and uses that man as a demonstration of His steadfast love and as a means of encouragement and hope, but also as a training aid for Elisha to use with his men.
Sixth, note that what this man brought was not a great amount; he simply brought what he had. The amount is never what is important, for God is able to multiply our gifts and talents.
Finally, the loaves naturally speak of the Lord Jesus as the Bread of Life and the grain as the seed of the Word which not only feeds us, but is to be sown in the world.

The Command of the Elisha (vs. 42b)

“Give them to the people that they may eat.” Elisha, a man totally occupied with the Lord God and motivated and directed by the principle of His Word saw in this event a tremendous opportunity. It was one of those situations that demonstrate the principles of Romans 8:28 and 32. So it was an opportunity to teach and demonstrate two important truths.
First, it taught them who and what God was to them as teachers of God’s Word. It was He who would multiply and supply their needs, whatever they might be as they sought to minister to a spiritually starving nation. But it also taught them something of their responsibilities as they went forth to spread the Word and minister to people. They were to take whatever God supplied and use it, trusting God to multiply it as He might see fit.
This passage not only illustrates God’s faithfulness and His ability to supply our physical needs such as food and clothing, but as with our Lord and the feeding of the five thousand, it was intended to be an analogy of God’s power and provision for them as preachers of His Word and of their responsibility. It was an illustration of their responsibility vertically to God. They must always walk in dependence on Him rather than in their own abilities.
It also illustrated their responsibility to men in breaking and sharing the bread of Life with others and in sowing the seed of the Word. The statement in Mark 6:34, “Like sheep without a shepherd” sets the stage and atmosphere for the feeding of the 5,000 and what our Lord was seeking to teach the disciples and us. In a similar way, surely Elisha was saying the same thing. He was saying, “I want you to take these loaves, a picture of the Word which was to be fed to others.”
But this is a very big responsibility for which no man is equipped no matter how gifted or brilliant or capable. So this event was designed to teach us a very important truth, a truth brought about by the large number of men. A hundred men were present, but they had only a very small number of loaves. Far too little to adequately feed the whole crowd.
Why are we so often inadequate in our responsibilities and in our ministries? Because of the confinement of our perspective or vision, which like the bars of a cell, keep us from seeing how the power of God can multiply the very little that we have. Often this comes out of adversity. In our weakness, God’s abundant strength is multiplied.
A couple of years ago I was teaching full-time at Moody Northwest in Spokane, an extension of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I developed severe throat problems and was forced to cut back to just one class a week. At first it was a though God was silencing me, but instead God marvelously opened a new and much broader ministry--that of writing full-time for the Biblical Studies Foundation.

The Confinement of the Attendant (vs. 43a)

“What, shall I set this before a hundred men?” The attendant was confused and confined, limited by his unbelief, but his unbelief was caused by measuring his own ability to feed so many rather than by who and what God was and always is. Measuring our ability or capability or success in any aspect of the ministry (or whatever God may call us to do) by the puniness of ourselves must automatically confine us, resulting in confusion and defeat. We must learn to take whatever God has given us and then, trusting in the will and power of God, use it knowing that God is able to multiply it super abundantly above all that we can ask or think if He desires to do so.
So the issue here was not the small number of loaves, but the ability to see beyond the loaves to the Almighty. It was an issue of having the wrong perspective, a perspective which measures our ability by who and what we are and have rather than by who and what God is to us.
The key lesson of the passage is that God’s wants us to learn to measure life by God’s infiniteness which is without measure.

The Confidence of the Prophet (vs. 43b)

Here Elisha repeats his former instruction, “Give them to the people that they may eat, for thus says the Lord, ‘They shall eat and have left over.’” As the statement, “for thus says the Lord” indicates, Elisha was given direct revelation from the Lord that He was going to multiply the loaves. It was a promise from the Lord to Elisha, but only, it appears after Elisha exercised faith in the Lord, trusting Him to perform this miracle.
Elisha wanted to demonstrate what God was to these prophets in their ministries so that they might learn to measure their lives, their work, and their challenges, not by the size of the problems or their own resources, but by the greatness of their God.
For us today, the words, “thus says the Lord,” stand as an illustration and a picture of our need to know and understand the principles and promises of the Word and then count upon them for the provision of God. Elisha was teaching these prophets (and us) what God will always be to us if we will adopt the disposition of faith in the Word and the promises of God that Elisha had toward the Word of the Lord.

The Consequence of Obedience (vs. 44)

“So he set before them.” First let us note that the attendant was obedient to God and the command and believed in the promise of God. This is foundational. Until God’s people learn the moral necessity to both believe and obey the Scriptures, there is going to be a spiritual famine, confusion, and confinement in our lives and our ministries.
Second, “They ate and had some left over.” God’s provision is always more than enough for our real needs, not our greed, but for the real needs of our lives.
Finally note the words “according to the word of the Lord.” The point is, it happened just as God promised. God’s Word is tried and true. God is faithful to His Word. We can count on the Lord.
The problems we so often face or fail to adequately solve are often caused by the confinement of our perspectives, and our unbelief in the Word. Oh, that we might learn to measure life and deal with its needs not by who we are, but by who and what the Lord is and has promised.
George Müller’s life so beautifully illustrates one who truly believed God’s Word and His promise to provide our needs. Mr. Müller established several orphanages solely by faith that God was leading him to do so and he believed God’s promise that He would provide their needs. Needs were never made known, no indirect hints were made that funds were needed, and even when in dire straits, those who inquired as to the needs were never informed so that the ministry would be a testimony to God’s faithfulness. Mr. Müller said he was kept in peace by “not looking at the little in hand, but at the fulness of God.”44 His desire was to prove to all men that it is safe to trust only in the living God.

44 Arthur T. Pierson, George Müller of Bristol, Fleming H. Revel, New York, p. 164.

Arabia Saudita
Una stentata Primavera Araba
L’Arabia Saudita non è stata colpita in modo rilevante dalle sollevazioni arabe. Ci sono stati degli appelli per una riforma politica ed episodi di moderata protesta in diverse città, specialmente nella provincia dell’Est, dove gli sciiti hanno chiesto la liberazione dei prigionieri politici. Il governo ha proibito cortei e proteste, ha aumentato i salari del settore pubblico e ha provveduto alcuni benefici: le autorità religiose hanno ricevuto dei fondi aggiuntivi e sono stati finanziati degli alloggi per i lavoratori a reddito minimo. Sono state anche promesse o attuate alcune riforme di minore entità, modifiche riguardanti per esempio le restrizioni sui diritti delle donne (garantendo loro il diritto di voto alle elezioni municipali del 2015). L’intento di queste misure è quello di prevenire ulteriori manifestazioni. Sul piano internazionale, nel marzo del 2011 le truppe saudite hanno contribuito alla repressione delle dimostrazioni democratiche da parte degli sciiti nel vicino Bahrein. Allo stesso tempo, dietro le quinte, l’Arabia Saudita ha giocato in varie occasioni un ruolo decisivo nelle rivolte, ad esempio offrendo rifugio ai leader della Tunisia e dello Yemen, e sostenendo finanziariamente i partiti islamici presenti nella regione.
La successione del monarca
Il paese è una monarchia assoluta alla cui guida si trova la Casa di Saud, che conta all’incirca 7000 membri. Di questi, circa 200 sono politicamente influenti: nominati dal Re Abdullah e destinati a ruoli chiave, generalmente essi mantengono questa posizione per vari anni. La formazione di partiti politici non è permessa. La relazione tra le strutture religiose e la dinastia Saudita non è semplice, ed è caratterizzata da scontri e conflitti d’interessi. I vertici reali stanno invecchiando – il Re Abdullah ha 88 anni – e la successione potrebbe accendere sfide e dibattiti. In un anno sono morti i due principi eredi (settembre 2011 e giugno 2012) e il più liberale, ma sofferente, principe Salman, Ministro della Difesa, è stato nominato successore a 76 anni. Nel 2006 il Re ha fondato l’Allegiance Council, un comitato di 35 principi senior che hanno il compito a lungo termine di scegliere il principe successore. Comunque, finché il Re Abdullah sarà in vita, il comitato di fatto non sarà attivo.
L’Arabia Saudita come custode dell’islam e dei suoi luoghi sacri
Il “regno del deserto” controlla le città sacre islamiche di Mecca e Medina (rispettivamente luoghi della nascita e del riposo del profeta dell’islam) ed è caratterizzato dal wahabismo, ovvero un’interpretazione rigida e purista dell’islam. È vietato praticare apertamente le altre religioni e all’interno dei suoi confini l’Arabia Saudita finanzia grandi opere missionarie attraverso l’organizzazione Muslim World League alla Mecca. Sono stati inviati all’estero diversi missionari e molta letteratura sul proselitismo islamico; inoltre, è stata pagata in petrodollari la costruzione di alcune moschee wahabite e sono state sponsorizzate delle istituzioni accademiche con la clausola che fossero creati dei centri per gli studi islamici. Oltre al Corano, ogni anno viene messa in circolazione anche un certo tipo di letteratura che fomenta l’odio verso i non musulmani.
La repressione sciita
Gli sciiti rappresentano l’8% della popolazione e la maggior parte di loro vive nella ricca zona petrolifera dell’Est. Per lungo tempo, ed ancora oggi, sono stati dipinti come eretici dai governanti sauditi, pertanto vengono ostacolati all’interno del sistema giudiziario e svantaggiati per quanto concerne l’istruzione, il lavoro e le attività religiose. Gli sciiti chiedono maggiore coinvolgimento politico e più tolleranza religiosa. Sotto la monarchia di Re Abdullah la loro situazione sembrava destinata a migliorare, in quanto il Re appariva sinceramente intenzionato a porre fine alle discriminazioni. Tuttavia, a causa delle tensioni settarie all’interno della regione, le speranze degli sciiti di ottenere maggiore tolleranza e pluralismo stanno svanendo.
Lotta e supporto al terrorismo
Dopo gli attacchi dell’11 settembre e la conseguente campagna terroristica di Al-Qaeda nella Penisola Araba, il governo saudita ha avviato la sua lotta al terrorismo a partire dal 2003. Nel corso degli anni passati, diverse cellule del terrorismo sono state individuate e fermate, e allo stesso tempo sono stati arrestati alcuni militanti islamici. Il Regno offre terreno fertile all’estremismo a causa del diffondersi della disoccupazione e del malcontento della nuova generazione, a cui si somma il crescente divario tra ricchi e poveri. Comunque negli ultimi anni non ci sono stati episodi gravi. Sebbene il governo saudita stia combattendo il terrorismo al suo interno – dove potrebbe costituire una minaccia per la famiglia reale – il problema del sovvenzionamento delle attività terroristiche al di fuori del Regno non è stato ancora trattato seriamente e continua a rappresentare la fonte maggiore di fondi per i terroristi sunniti a livello globale.
Un’economia che si affida eccessivamente all’esportazione del petrolio e al lavoro estero
L’Arabia Saudita possiede il 25% delle riserve petrolifere conosciute al mondo: la maggior parte dei guadagni derivanti dall’esportazione e gran parte delle entrate del governo provengono proprio da questo tipo di industria (circa il 90% in tutto). La mancanza di una diversificazione economica, unita a un numero sempre crescente di immigrati stranieri che lavorano nel settore pubblico (90%) ha portato a un aumento della disoccupazione giovanile, al malcontento e a un crescente divario tra ricchi e poveri (almeno il 22% della popolazione, cioè circa tre milioni di persone, sono sotto la soglia della povertà). Il governo ha avviato un’espansione del processo di saudizzazione per creare più posti di lavoro che siano accettabili ai sauditi. Questo processo include quote per i cittadini sauditi e aumenti dei loro salari. Inoltre, le compagnie che aderiscono al sistema di quote possono usufruire di benefici nel richiedere i visti, mentre le compagnie non aderenti incontrano diverse limitazioni – questo rende più difficile l’assunzione dei lavoratori stranieri. L’Arabia Saudita ha resistito abbastanza bene alla recessione globale, in larga misura grazie alle cospicue spese dello stato.

Fonti di persecuzione
Secoli fa, la popolazione dell’Arabia Saudita comprendeva una forte presenza di cristiani e vi erano perfino sinagoghe e chiese attive con il proprio clero. Durante la conquista dell’islam, dal VII al X secolo, ebrei e cristiani furono espulsi o obbligati a convertirsi all’islam. Oggi, professare pubblicamente la fede cristiana in Arabia Saudita è proibito, e ai cittadini è concessa unicamente l’adesione all’islam.
Il PEW Research Forum pone l’Arabia Saudita tra i 18 paesi (9,1%) con un livello “altissimo” di restrizioni governative sulla religione, poiché la sua costituzione è del tutto priva di norme relative alla libertà religiosa. L’Arabia Saudita – che nel Medio Oriente rappresenta uno dei più rilevanti alleati dell’Occidente – si classifica a un livello estremamente alto anche nell’indice del PEW Forum riguardante l’ostilità sociale, il che significa che è tra i 15 paesi (7,6%) in cui i sentimenti anti-religiosi sono più diffusi e forti in ogni strato della società.
Il sistema legale del Regno si basa sulla legge islamica (la sharia). L’apostasia, ovvero la conversione a un’altra religione, è punibile con la morte nel caso in cui l’accusato non accetti di abiurare. Sebbene recentemente non siano giunti report ufficiali riguardanti cittadini sauditi accusati e puniti con la condanna capitale per apostasia, non si può escludere il rischio di uccisioni extra-giuridiche. Teoricamente il governo riconosce ai non musulmani il diritto di professare privatamente la propria fede, tuttavia la polizia religiosa, ovvero i Mattawa, spesso non riconosce loro tale diritto. Non essendoci una legge formalmente codificata, la posizione di chi pratica privatamente la propria fede resta tuttora vaga e soggetta alle varie dichiarazioni mediatiche piuttosto che a una vera norma giuridica.

La libertà di aggregazione è ulteriormente limitata dalla rigida separazione dei generi, ovvero il divieto per donne e uomini provenienti da diverse famiglie di riunirsi. Coloro che praticano un culto “misto” rischiano l’arresto, il carcere, la fustigazione, la deportazione e a volte persino la tortura. Evangelizzare i musulmani e distribuire letteratura non musulmana (ad esempio Bibbie o altri libri cristiani) è illegale. I cristiani provenienti da un background musulmano corrono il rischio che i familiari eseguano degli “omicidi d’onore” o che la comunità scopra la loro fede, pertanto spesso sono costretti a lasciare il proprio paese.
La maggior parte dei cristiani che vivono in Arabia Saudita sono emigrati che vivono e lavorano temporaneamente in questo paese e provengono principalmente dalle Filippine o dall’India, ma anche dall’Africa e in misura minore dall’Occidente. I lavoratori asiatici e africani, oltre ad essere sfruttati e sottopagati, sono esposti anche a violenze verbali e fisiche a causa della loro fede cristiana. Nonostante la schiavitù sia stata dichiarata illegale nel 1962, i datori di lavoro e gli “sponsor” sauditi godono di un potere terribile nei confronti dei lavoratori stranieri, dimostrando ancora la vecchia mentalità del “possedere i lavoratori”. Le collaboratrici domestiche straniere vengono perfino minacciate di stupro se non si convertono all’islam. Nonostante tutto, giungono sempre nuove notizie di conversioni di questi lavoratori stranieri al cristianesimo. Spesso, i lavoratori migranti arrivano dal loro paese con un background cattolico, musulmano o induista, ma durante il loro soggiorno nella Penisola Araba maturano la ferma decisione di seguire Gesù. Il risultato è che il numero delle comunità di credenti immigrati è in aumento. Nel dicembre 2011 un gruppo di 35 cristiani etiopi sono stati arrestati dopo un’irruzione durante il loro incontro di preghiera a Jeddah. L’accusa verteva sulla “mescolanza di generi fuori dalla famiglia” ma secondo i credenti arrestati il vero motivo era la pratica del cristianesimo. In prigione molti di loro sono stati abusati. Sono stati deportati solo nei mesi di luglio e agosto.

Un certo numero di convertiti dall’islam vive la sua fede in totale segretezza; molti di loro hanno risposto ai programmi TV cristiani via satellite o sono diventati credenti dopo esperienze personali. Alcuni ex musulmani hanno testimoniato di aver avuto una visione divina mentre, con un desiderio sincero di obbedire a Dio, percorrevano l’Hajj – il pellegrinaggio islamico verso la Mecca – e di essersi convinti grazie a questa visione del loro bisogno di Gesù. Anche l’accesso a internet gioca un ruolo importante perché consente alle persone del luogo di entrare in contatto con i materiali cristiani, nonostante l’uso di internet sia in parte controllato e gestito dalle autorità.

Recentemente il piccolo numero di ex musulmani sauditi è cresciuto ed essi tendono a manifestare più apertamente la loro fede, condividendola su internet o sui canali TV cristiani via satellite. Questa tendenza non è stata priva di ripercussioni: nel luglio 2012 i media hanno riportato la storia di una giovane donna saudita che, in base a quanto affermato, si è convertita al cristianesimo dopo che il suo datore di lavoro libanese ha condiviso il Vangelo con lei. Con l’aiuto di questo datore di lavoro e di un altro collega, la giovane sarebbe poi fuggita all’estero. La sua famiglia ha accusato il datore di lavoro e secondo la Saudi Gazette, il principale quotidiano locale, l’uomo è stato arrestato e affronterà un processo a settembre. Report più recenti, alcuni dei quali provenienti dalla famiglia stessa, suggerivano l’idea che la ragazza fosse ancora musulmana e che fosse stata in realtà “vittima di un’organizzazione internazionale di traffico di persone”. I media sauditi si sono anche affrettati a insinuare che la giovane soffrisse di alcuni disturbi psichici. Tutte queste reazioni riflettono chiaramente la “vergogna” che una conversione al cristianesimo costituisce nel Regno Wahabita. Sembra che il governo saudita stia cooperando con l’Interpol e le autorità locali in Occidente per far rimpatriare la giovane. In agosto è giunta notizia che le autorità saudite hanno iniziato a bloccare diversi siti web cristiani: si suppone che si tratti di una reazione a questa vicenda.
Inoltre, la storia della “Khobar girl” è stata erroneamente confusa da molti media con la vicenda della ex musulmana saudita “Maryam” la cui intervista, riportata dal canale TV satellitare cristiano, è stata rapidamente diffusa su Youtube a inizio agosto. Velata per ragioni di sicurezza, la donna spiegava come fosse stata da sempre indotta all’odio verso ebrei e cristiani. Stanca delle preghiere e dei digiuni obbligatori dell’islam, si era convertita a seguito di un sogno e nel video testimoniava della pace trovata in Cristo.
È difficile prevedere gli sviluppi della situazione dei cristiani in Arabia Saudita. Poiché la situazione politica ed economica del paese non sembra andare verso il cambiamento nell’immediato futuro, non si aspettano miglioramenti nella posizione dei cristiani. Comunque, il numero di conversioni dall’islam sta crescendo, insieme alla franchezza con cui i credenti condividono la loro nuova fede. Questo potrebbe portare presto a un intensificarsi della persecuzione e dell’oppressione contro i cristiani in Arabia Saudita.
[ Sale and purchase of senators? ] This is the practice established in all false democracies Masonic of bank seigniorage ( the betrayal of popular sovereignty the triumph of plots lobbies triumph of all the secret societies. up to Satanism ). you are all of sold of Rothschild Illuminati all Spa World Bank of Pharisees Anglo- Americans servants of Masonic system worshipers of demons for JaBullOn murderers of Israel and of the Jewish -Christian civilization. [ Therefore not exists a question a moral for you you are the whores! ] A [ band of demons ] the 1. homosexual ideology (which not has nothing to do with the respect due to people and of their freedom consciousness) intolerant Nazi attitude a sort of sexual freedom That justifies every perversion sexual until all'animalismo of Zapatero taught in schools public to children of nine years. 2. culture of death from abortion to euthanasia 3. of an eternal tale not demonstrably the theory of evolution That is. A religion scientism like dogmatic habit of every corruption and desolation nihilistic relativism. 4. Secret associations of institutional Satanists 322 for the Nwo 4. secret societies Masonic all of which are incompatible with the question ethical moral and legal and constitutional.

[ [ Document of the United Nations is full of lies ambiguities distortions is a threat for the estate of our democratic values ​​ the bias of the UN and EU and discredit them de-legitimized in the eyes of peoples Europeans and we hope That these institutions corrupt perverted criminal ideological malignant soffocatrici of principle of democratic pluralism are destroyed and punished by the will of the voters. the generalization of terms of the UN and EU as if child abuse not not an individual responsibility committed by a few ministers when in time is oriented to criminalize an entire category as if it was a practice a collective guilt this is an act of looting! That he says in eloquently of like ideologically the Masonic system Bildenberg IMF FED ECB Spa U.S. UN EU has gone so far as to Satanism and to protect the shapes more aberrant against human rights accomplice with the ARAB LEAGUE and all the crimes committed by her for the day day of the murder so many Christian martyrs innocent abandoned to an accomplice deafening silence! So this instrumental use of human rights is the act most infamous criminal unfair immoral That the Masonic system absolutely in illegally legal poses against pluralism for impose his regime maximalist of racist ]] the UN Committee called on the Holy See " to make full use of his moral authority ( [ this is again was done ] ) for condemn all the form of harassment discrimination or violence against children ( [ but this is again done!]) on the basis of their sexual orientation ( [the children not have an sexual orientation because this man is sexuality an operation of nature cultural that can be manipulated of course up to become an ideological contrast against the Law Natural That recognizes like faults exceptions the law of nature That is designed for procreation then the ideological drift of homosexuality and pornogratico naturalism is an act extremely dangerous as the history has shown this phenomenon of corruption has accompanied the destruction of all dying empires. therefore not could never become a legally binding against nature because every law positive is nothing if it is contrary to the law naturally. ] ) or sexual orientation of their parents ( [ not the church discrimination insults persecuting homosexuals in fact love them but at the same time not be trampled revealed truth common sense law natural in this case the manic omosessualisti are wondering the Church of commit suicide for you can get the same result obtained from the Nazis and Bolsheviks that is the Christian-phobia put the bases after derision marginalization exclusion of put the bases also for or persecution or of legal Christians ] ) and to support efforts to at international level for the decriminalization of homosexuality. " ( [is terrible see to what level of falsehood and corruption have been able fall the our European institutions and UN this is an criminal act slander that you want to charge the Church in fact decriminalization of an any offense is an legal problem That alleges the State and not the Church. So in all democracies as also in Russia homosexuality not is penalized the homosexual not is detained in jail or discriminated against as person ].) the Committee while noting positively the affirmations of Pope Francis in July 2013 (and thus contradicts though the same sensationally autodichiarando the his perverse tendentious attitude calunniatoria ) is worried for the past statements ( [ past since when? of 1000 years ago? 100 years ago? But no one is guilty for acts of others however lived in very different historical contexts. Thus the bullying of UN EU detached from popular consent use an power That were taken away with of the Masonic conspiracy bank seigniorage for do abuse shame the media slander and intimidation proscriptions of opponents of their ideology why not is That the Church appealed from ideologically the revealed truth indeed is just "do not give the things holy to the dogs and the pearls swine lest otherwise will hurtle against of for you tear you! "That's why this scheme of Masonic false democracy of seigniorage banking stolen from the Rothschilds is showing the his face Nazi this is now is become the dictatorship of all governments Masonic offenses authors of abuses against freedom of conscience and against the freedom of religion that have perjured themselves However the Constitution and against the his popular sovereignty!]) the Holy See homosexuality That " contribute to the stigmatization social and to violence against lesbian gay bisexual and adolescents and transgender children raised by couples of the same sex. " ( [ that is an another slander worthy of real criminals like if the reaction of small groppuscoli of the Nazis was a as a result of teaching of the Church ] The Committee also recommends to the Holy See of withdraw from his legislation as announced orally expression discriminatory " illegitimate children " for children born out of wedlock. [No child is illegitimate! the Church has recognized this principle spiritual and theological 200 years! However even the language of law must be adjusted if it were incoherent ] the United Nations has urged the Holy See to " revise its position on abortion " [ this is really serious especially by of who with the power of absolute any monopoly the Masonic system the Banks central of private usurpers of People Spa decided of write the word " end " on the history of the Catholic Church. This is evident homosexuals Masons have undermined the bases of peace social! of course not is this Europe so dear to Giorgio Napolitano that will survive!]) when is to risk their lives and the health of women pregnant ( [ this is an the other of slander hell not the Church criminalizing abortion when is at once for reasons of force majeure that is is at once by women that risking their lives in remainder of their pregnancy. ] ) and to " identify circumstances in where access to the services of abortion may be admitted " changing the canon 1398 in matter ([in every way the objection of consciousness must be guaranteed provided that both of us the staff that not have problems of objection of consciousness but only if that the lactating women are in danger of life!]). Committee mentions with " deep concern" over the sanctions decided by the Church in 2009 in Brazil against a mother and an doctor That practiced the ' for abortion save life to a child of 9 years old pregnant after was raped by her stepfather (you have to be donkeys with horns absolutely out of head and outside an scientific context for being able to speak in this way when the human nature it can be fertilized? it may also procreate also common sense knows this very well and in any case is the ' abortion the murder of the woman not the opposite. Why then we have an social service and we also State alleged civil if not we know we spend the protection of children That are born in conditions of difficulty?)] [ then the most important aspect that is the natural law of an man priest that not able to more life celibacy and then is blackmailed by the Catholic Church for this? for not have the natural law of to love and marry a woman? However this issue not come quoted to demonstration position absolutely criminal the UN EU That not look for solutions but only the goal of destroy the Church! These European institutions are you become a threat for Genre human! ] the reaction the Holy See is of surprise " the downside of paper That ( [ criminals irresponsible maximalist Nazis ] ) have produced - says Msgr. Tomasi observer of the Vatican to the UN Geneva - is That it seems That had already been prepared in advance of meeting of the Committee with the delegation of the Holy See. " Tommasi speaks of " ideological line. " the Holy See assures That " to submit " meticulous and studies examinations " in accordance with the Convention the charges receipts UN but you see in "some points " of the comments received today an " attempt of interfere in the teaching of the Catholic Church on the dignity of the human person and in the exercise of religious freedom." Then reiterates its commitment to defend the child. However "" the Holy See regret " of " see in some points Concluding Observations an attempt of interfere in the teaching of the Catholic Church on the dignity of the human person and in the exercise of religious freedom ". [ ( our outrage of lay of anticlerical of men agnostics however free men against intolerance and all maximalism defenders of prerogatives freedom of consciousness must become one absolute outrage against this small lobby of freemasons homosexual usurpers that took control of the arbitrary our European institutions ) ]

[ Venta y compra de los senadores? ] Esta es la práctica establecido en todo falsas democracias masónicas de señoreaje bancario ( la traición de la soberanía popular el triunfo de parcelas vestíbulos triunfo todas las sociedades secretas. Hasta el satanismo ). que son todos que se vende de Rothschild Illuminati en Spa el Banco Mundial de fariseos angloamericanos siervos de sistema masónico adoradores de demonios para JaBullOn asesinos de Israel y de la civilización judeo- cristiana. [ Por lo tanto no existe una pregunta una moral para usted es usted las putas! ] A [ banda de demonios ] el 1. ideología homosexual (que no no tiene nada que ver con el respeto a los dos la gente y de su libertad la conciencia ) actitud nazi intolerante una especie de la libertad sexual de apología cada perversión sexual hasta all'animalismo de Zapatero se enseña en las escuelas públicas a los niños de nueve años . 2. culturas de muerte por aborto a la eutanasia 3. de un eterno no es así manifiestamente la teoría de la evolución eso es tal. Una religión el cientificismo como hábito dogmática toda corrupción y la desolación el relativismo nihilista. 4. Asociaciones secretas de los satanistas institucionales 322 para el now 4. sociedades secretas masónicas todos los cuales son incompatibles con la pregunta ético moral y legal y constitucional.

[ [ Documentos de las Naciones Unidas está lleno de mentiras ambigüedades distorsiones es una amenaza para el verano de nuestros valores democráticos el sesgo de la ONU y la UE y desacreditarlos legitimadas -de los ojos de los pueblos los europeos y esperamos que estas instituciones corruptas pervertida ideológica soffocatrici criminal maligna de principio de pluralismo democrático se destruyen y castigado por la voluntad de los electores. la generalización de los términos de la ONU y la UE como si el abuso infantil no no una responsabilidad individual cometido por un par de Ministros cuando en el tiempo está orientada a criminalizar toda una categoría como si era una práctica una culpa colectiva esto es un acto el saqueo! Eso dice en elocuentemente de al igual que en lo ideológico el sistema masónico Bildenberg FMI FED BCE Spa EE.UU. ONU UE ha ido tan lejos como para el satanismo y a Proteger el formas aberrantes moras contra derechos humanos cómplice con la LIGA ÁRABE y todos los crímenes cometidos por ella para el día el día del asesinato por lo que muchos mártires cristianos inocentes abandonados a un cómplice un silencio ensordecedor! Sé que este uso instrumental de los derechos humanos es el acto criminal más infame injusta inmoral eso el sistema masónico absolutamente en forma ilegal legal plantea contra el pluralismo para impuesto su régimen maximalista de racista ] ] el Comité de la ONU pidió a la Santa Sede "para hacer pleno uso de su autoridad moral ( [ esto es de nuevo se hizo ] ) para reprende todo el forma de el acoso la discriminación o la violencia contra los niños ( [ pero esto es de nuevo hace! ] ) sobre la base de su orientación sexual ( [ los niños no tienen una la orientación sexual la sexualidad Porque este hombre es una lista de operaciones de naturaleza cultural que puede ser manipulado por supuesto hasta llegar a ser una contraste ideológico en contra de la ley Natural que reconoce como faltas excepciones la ley de la naturaleza eso está diseñado para la procreación a continuación la deriva ideológica de la homosexualidad y el naturalismo pornogratico es un actúan muy peligroso como la historia ha demostrado este fenómeno de la corrupción ha acompañado a la destrucción de todos los imperios que mueren. Por lo tanto no nunca podría convertirse en una ley unión contra natura porque cada derecho positivo es decir nada si ello es contrario a la ley de forma natural. ] ) o la orientación sexual de sus Padres ([ no la iglesia discriminación insultos homosexuales perseguidores de hecho el amor ellos pero al mismo tiempo no ser pisoteado reveló la verdad el sentido común el derecho por supuesto en este caso el omosessualisti maníaca se preguntan la Iglesia de suicidarse para usted puede conseguir el mismo resultado obtenido de los nazis y los bolcheviques es decir la cristianofobia poner las bases después de la burla la marginación la exclusión de palabras los las bases también para la persecución el de legales los cristianos ] ) y en el apoyo los esfuerzos para a nivel internacional por la despenalización de la homosexualidad. " ( [ es terrible a ver a lo nivel de la falsedad y la corrupción no han sido capaces caída té nuestras las instituciones europeas y un esto es un acto criminal calumnia que te quieres cobrar la Iglesia de hecho la despenalización de una persona cualquiera de los delitos es decir un problema legal Que alega el Estado y no la Iglesia. saben en todas las democracias como también la homosexualidad en Rusia no es así es penalizado el homosexual no es así se encuentra detenido en cárcel o discriminada como persona ]. ) el Comité aunque toma nota positiva las afirmaciones del Papa Francisco en julio de 2013 (y por lo tanto contradice sin embargo la misma autodichiarando sensacionalmente la suya la actitud tendenciosa perversa calunniatoria ) está preocupado por las declaraciones anteriores ( [ pasado ¿desde cuándo? hace 1.000 de años? hace 100 años? Pero nadie es culpable pues los actos de los demás sin embargo vivían en muy diferentes contextos históricos. Así el acoso de la ONU la UE separado de consentimiento popular use un poder eso se los llevaron con de la conspiración masónica señoreaje bancario para hacer el abuso la culpa es de los medios de comunicación la calumnia y la intimidación las proscripciones de los opositores de su ideología por qué no es decir que la Iglesia apelada ideológicamente la verdad revelada de hecho es simplemente " no dan las cosas santo a los perros y el perlas cerdos no sea que de lo contrario será disparado en contra de por ti lo rompe! " por eso este esquema de Masonic falsa democracia de la banca señoreaje robado de los Rothschild está mostrando el Su rostro nazi esto es ahora es decir convertirse en la dictadura de todos los gobiernos Ofensas masónicos autores de en contra de los abusos de la libertad la conciencia y en contra de la libertad de religión han cometido perjurio Eso sin embargo la Constitución y en contra de la suya la soberanía popular!]) la Santa Sede la homosexualidad Eso " contribuir a la estigmatización social y a la violencia contra las personas lesbianas gays bisexuales y los adolescentes y los niños transgénero criados por parejas del mismo sexo. " ( [ es decir una otra calumnia digno de los verdaderos criminales al igual que si la reacción de los pequeños groppuscoli de los nazis era en como resultado de la enseñanza de la Iglesia ] Además el Comité recomienda a la Santa Sede de retirarse de su legislación como los valores anunciados por vía oral expresión discriminatorias "hijos ilegítimos" para los niños nacidos fuera del matrimonio. [ Ningún niño es ilegítimo! ha reconocido la Iglesia este principio espirituales y teológicos 200 años! Sin embargo incluso el lenguaje de la ley debe ser ajustado si lo fuera incoherente ] ha instado a las Naciones Unidas la Santa Sede a " revisar su posición sobre el aborto " [ esto es de verdad en serio sobre todo por de que con el poder de absolutos cualquier monopolio el sistema masónico los Bancos central de particulares usurpadores de Personas Spa decidió de escriba la palabra "fin" en la historia de la Iglesia Católica. Esto es evidente homosexuales masones han socavado las bases de la paz! social del Por supuesto no es así es esta Europa lo sé querida para Giorgio Napolitano eso Will Survive!]) cuando es para arriesgan sus vidas y la salud de la mujer embarazada ( [ esto es una la otra de la calumnia el infierno no la Iglesia que penaliza el aborto cuando es a la vez para razones de fuerza mayor es decir es a la vez por las mujeres eso arriesgando sus vidas en el resto del embarazo. ] ) y en " identificar las circunstancias en donde el acceso a los servicios del aborto puede ser admitido " cambiando el canon 1398 en la materia ( [ en todos los sentidos de la objeción de conciencia se debe garantizar siempre que tanto de nosotros el personal eso no tienen problemas de objeción de conciencia pero sólo si y cuando las mujeres lactantes están en peligro de la vida!]). Comité menciona con " profunda preocupación" por las sanciones impuestas por la Iglesia en 2009 Brasil en contra una madre y una doctor que el Practicado ' para el aborto ahorre vida para un niño de 9 años de edad embarazada después fue violada por su padrastro ( que tiene que ser burros con cuernos en absoluto de cabeza y fuera un contexto científico para ser capaz de hablar de esta manera cuando el la naturaleza humana puede ser fertilizado? puede también procrear también el sentido común lo sabe muy bien y en todo caso es que el ' aborto el asesinato de la mujer no al revés. ¿Por qué entonces tenemos una de servicios sociales y también nosotros Estado alegó civiles si no sabemos que pasamos la protección de niños que nacen en condiciones de la dificultad?)] [entonces el aspecto más importante es decir la ley natural de una persona como sacerdote eso no es así capaz de moras la vida el celibato y entonces es chantajeado por la Iglesia Católica para esto? para no tenga la ley natural de amar y casarse con una mujer? Sin embargo este tema no es así como se cita a la demostración la posición absolutamente criminal la ONU la UE eso no es así buscar soluciones pero sólo de la meta destruir a la Iglesia! Estas las instituciones europeas son usted se convierte en una amenaza para Género humano! ] La reacción la Santa Sede es de sorpresa " El lado negativo de papel Que ( [ criminales irresponsables maximalista nazis ] ) han producido - dice Mons. Tomasi observador del Vaticano ante la ONU Ginebra. - es decir que al parecer eso ya se ha había preparado con antelación de las reuniones de la Comisión con la delegación de la Santa Sede " Tommasi habla de la" línea ideológica " de la Santa Sede asegura eso ".. a presentar " meticulosa y estudios los exámenes " de conformidad con la Convención las cargas recibos de la ONU pero ya ves en "algunos puntos" de los comentarios recibidos hoy un "intento de interferir en la enseñanza de la Iglesia católica sobre la dignidad de la persona humana y en el ejercicio de la libertad religiosa. "Entonces reitera compromiso con ITS defender al niño. Sin embargo" " la Santa Sede se arrepiente " de " ver en algunos puntos Conclusiones y recomendaciones una intento de interfiere en la enseñanza de la Iglesia católica sobre la dignidad de la persona humana y en el ejercicio de la libertad religiosa ". [ (Nuestra indignación de laica de anticlerical de hombres agnósticos Sin embargo los hombres libres en contra la intolerancia y todas maximalismo defensores de las prerrogativas la libertad de conciencia uno debe volverse absoluta indignación en contra de este pequeño vestíbulo de masones usurpadores homosexuales eso tomó el control del nuestro las instituciones europeas arbitrarias) ]

[ Vente et achat de sénateurs? ] C'est la pratique établie dans tous les fausses démocraties maçonniques de le seigneuriage bancaire (la trahison de la souveraineté populaire le triomphe de l' les parcelles les lobbies triomphe de tout les les sociétés secrètes. Jusqu'à satanisme ). vous êtes tous vendu de Rothschild Illuminati à Spa la Banque mondiale de pharisiens Anglo-Américains les fonctionnaires de système maçonnique adorateurs de démons pour JaBullOn les meurtriers d'Israël et de la civilisation judéo-chrétienne. [ Par conséquent non existe une question une morale pour vous vous êtes les putains ! ] A [ bande de démons ] le 1. idéologie homosexuelle (qui non n'a rien à voir avec le respect de deux les gens et de leur liberté la conscience ) intolérant attitude nazie une sorte de liberté sexuelle qui justifie toutes les perversions sexuelle jusqu'à all'animalismo de Zapatero enseignée dans les écoles publiques à les enfants de neuf ans . 2. des cultures de mort de l'avortement à l'euthanasie 3. de comme un éternel pas manifestement la théorie de l'évolution ce qui est. Une religion scientisme comme habitude dogmatique chaque corruption et la désolation le relativisme nihiliste. 4. Les associations secrètes de satanistes institutionnels 322 pour la nWo 4. sociétés secrètes maçonniques qui sont incompatibles avec la question éthique moral et juridique et constitutionnel.

[ [Document des Nations Unies est plein de mensonges ambiguïtés les distorsions est une menace pour l'été nos valeurs démocratiques le biais de l'ONU et de l'UE et les discréditer délégitimé aux yeux de les peuples les Européens et nous l'espérons que ces institutions corrompu perverti pénale idéologique soffocatrici maligne principe de pluralisme démocratique sont détruits et puni par la volonté des électeurs. la généralisation de termes de l'ONU et l'Union européenne comme si la maltraitance des enfants pas pas une responsabilité individuelle commis par quelques ministres quand dans le temps est orientée à criminaliser une catégorie entière comme si c'était une pratique une culpabilité collective ce est un acte de pillage! C'est dit-il dans éloquence de comme idéologiquement le système maçonnique Bildenberg FMI FED BCE Spa États-Unis l'ONU l'UE a été jusqu'à au satanisme et à protéger la formes aberrantes mûres contre les droits de l'homme complice avec la LIGUE ARABE et tous les crimes commis par elle pour la journée le jour de l' assassiner tant de martyrs chrétiens innocents abandonnés à un complice assourdissant silence! Je sais que cette utilisation instrumentale des droits de l'homme est un acte criminel le plus infâme injuste immoral Que le système maçonnique absolument dans illégalement juridique pose contre le pluralisme pour imposée son régime maximaliste de raciste ] ] le Comité des Nations unies a appelé le Saint-Siège " à faire pleinement usage de son autorité morale ( [ ce n'est encore une fois a été fait ] ) pour condamner tous la forme du harcèlement de la discrimination ou à la violence contre les enfants ( [ mais ce n'est encore une fois fait! ] ) sur la base d' leur orientation sexuelle ( [ les enfants disposent pas d'un l'orientation sexuelle la sexualité Parce que cet homme est une liste d'opération de nature culturelle qui peut être manipulé bien sûr à devenir un contraste idéologique contre la loi naturelle qui reconnaît comme les défauts les exceptions la loi de la nature qui est conçu pour la procréation alors la dérive idéologique de l'homosexualité et pornogratico naturalisme est un acte extrêmement dangereux comme l'histoire l'a montré ce phénomène de la corruption a accompagné la destruction de tous les empires meurent. Par conséquent non ne pourrait jamais devenir un instrument juridiquement liaison contre nature puisque chaque droit positif est rien si elle est contraire à la loi naturellement. ] ) ou l'orientation sexuelle de leurs parents ( [ pas l'église la discrimination les insultes les homosexuels persécuteurs en fait l'amour mais en même temps pas être piétiné la vérité révélée le bon sens le droit bien sûr dans ce cas la omosessualisti maniaque se demandent l'église de suicide pour vous pouvez obtenir le même résultat obtenu à partir des nazis et bolcheviques c'est le chrétien - phobie mettre les bases après la dérision de la marginalisation de l'exclusion de mettre les bases aussi pour ou la persécution ou de droit les chrétiens ] ) et d'appuyer d' efforts à au niveau international pour la dépénalisation de l'homosexualité. " ( [ est terrible voir en ce le niveau d' le mensonge et la corruption pas pu chute thé nos institutions européennes et un cela est un acte criminel la calomnie qui vous voulez charger l'Église en effet la décriminalisation de un une infraction est un problème juridique qui allègue l'État et non pas l'Eglise. savent dans tous les démocraties comme aussi l'homosexualité en Russie pas est sanctionné l'homosexuel pas est détenu dans prison ou de discrimination en tant que personne ]. ) le Comité tout en notant positivement les affirmations du pape Francis en Juillet 2013 ( et donc contredit cependant la même autodichiarando sensationnel le son l'attitude tendancieuse pervers calunniatoria ) est inquiet pour les les déclarations antérieures ( [ passé depuis quand? il ya 1000 ans? il ya 100 ans? Mais personne n'est coupable pour les actes des autres cependant ont vécu dans des contextes très différents historiques. Ainsi l' intimidation de l'ONU l'UE détaché de consentement populaire utiliser un pouvoir qui ont été emmenés avec de la conspiration maçonnique le seigneuriage bancaire pour faire l'abus la honte les médias la calomnie et l'intimidation proscriptions de adversaires de leur idéologie pourquoi ne pas est que l'Eglise en appel idéologiquement la vérité révélée en effet est juste " ne donnent pas les les choses saintes aux chiens et la perles porcs de peur que le contraire fera dévaler contre de vous vous déchirer! " c'est pourquoi ce régime maçonnique fausse démocratie de la banque de seigneuriage volé les Rothschild est affiché le Son visage nazi c'est maintenant est devenu la dictature de tous les gouvernements infractions maçonniques auteurs de contre les abus de la liberté de conscience et à la liberté de religion se sont de faux Cela toutefois la Constitution et contre le son la souveraineté populaire! ] ) le Saint-Siège l'homosexualité que " contribuer à la stigmatisation sociale et à la violence contre les lesbiennes gays bisexuels et les adolescents et les enfants transgenres élevés par des couples de même sexe. " ( [ c'est un une autre calomnie digne d' les vrais criminels comme si la réaction des petits groppuscoli de les nazis était par conséquent de l'enseignement de l'Église ] aussi le Comité recommande au Saint-Siège de se retirer de sa législation que les titres annoncés par voie orale expression discriminatoires " enfants illégitimes " pour les enfants nés hors mariage. [ Aucun enfant n'est illégitime! a reconnu l'Eglise de ce principe spirituelle et théologique 200 années! Cependant même le langage du droit doivent être ajustés si cela était incohérente ] est-ce que l'Organisation des Nations Unies a exhorté le Saint-Siège à «réviser sa position sur l'avortement " [ c'est vraiment sérieux en particulier par des qui avec la puissance de absolus tout monopole le système maçonnique les banques central de privé usurpateurs de personnes Spa a décidé de écrire le mot «fin» sur l'histoire de l'Église catholique. Cela est évident homosexuels maçons ont sapé les bases de la paix ! sociale de Bien sûr pas est-ce l'Europe je sais cher pour Giorgio Napolitano qui Will Survive! ] ) quand est à risquer leur vie et la santé des femmes les femmes enceintes ( [ ce est une l'autre de la calomnie l'enfer pas l'Église la criminalisation de l'avortement quand est à la fois pour raisons de force majeure qui est est à la fois par les femmes qui au péril de leur vie en fin de grossesse. ] ) et à « identifier les circonstances dans où l'accès aux services de l'avortement ne peut être admise « changer le canon 1398 en matière ( [ dans tous les sens l'objection de conscience doit être garanti à condition que deux d'entre nous le personnel qui pas avoir des problèmes de objection de la conscience mais seulement si que les les femmes qui allaitent sont en danger de la vie! ] ). Comité mentionne avec sa "profonde inquiétude " sur les sanctions décidées par l'Église en 2009 au Brésil contre une mère et un médecin qui la Pratiqué »pour l'avortement économisez la vie pour un enfant de 9 ans enceinte après a été violée par son beau-père ( vous devez être ânes avec des cornes absolument de tête et à l'extérieur un contexte scientifique pour être capable de parler de cette manière quand la la nature humaine il peut être fécondé? il peut également procréer aussi le bon sens le sait très bien et en tout cas est la ' avortement l' assassiner de la femme et non l'inverse. Pourquoi alors que nous avons un service social et nous avons également prétendu état civil sinon nous savons que nous dépensons la protection de les enfants qui sont nés dans des conditions de difficulté? ) ] [ alors l' aspect le plus important qui est la loi naturelle de un comme prêtre qui pas en mesure pour les mûres la vie le célibat et est alors au chantage de l'Eglise catholique pour cela? pour pas avoir la loi naturelle de d'aimer et épouser une femme? Toutefois cette question non pas comme cité à la démonstration la position absolument pénale l'ONU l'UE qui pas chercher des solutions mais seulement de l'objectif détruire l'Eglise! Ces institutions européennes sont vous devenez une menace pour Genre humain! ] La réaction le Saint-Siège est de surprise " L'inconvénient de papier qui ( [ criminels irresponsable maximaliste les nazis ] ) ont produit - dit Mgr Tomasi observateurs du Vatican à l'ONU à Genève. - c'est que paraît-il que déjà été avait préparé à l'avance les réunions de la commission avec la délégation du Saint-Siège " Tommasi parle de« ligne idéologique » du Saint-Siège les assure que ".. de présenter " minutieuse et études examens " conformément à la Convention les frais recettes l'ONU mais voyez-vous dans " certains points" de les commentaires reçus aujourd'hui une «tentative de nuire dans l'enseignement de l'Église catholique sur la dignité de la personne humaine et dans l'exercice de la liberté religieuse. " réitère ensuite l'engagement de SES défendre l'enfant. Cependant " " le Saint-Siège le regret " de " voir sur certains points Observations finales une tentative de s'immiscer dans l'enseignement de l'Église catholique sur la dignité de la personne humaine et dans l'exercice de la liberté religieuse ". [ ( Notre indignation de laïcs de anticlérical de hommes agnostiques cependant les hommes libres contre l'intolérance et toutes maximalisme défenseurs des prérogatives la liberté de conscience on doit devenir absolument scandaleux contre ce petit hall d' les francs-maçons de usurpateurs homosexuels que le contrôle des nos les institutions européennes ont pris arbitraires ) ]