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@ComunitaEbraicaRoma--- illuminati are an: S.p.A. of: Rochefeller Rothschild & Company Bush who dominate the world: where:Dante Alighieri (Holy prophet poet) saw this danger, and spoke In the Divine Comedy(in his 1200) all the religions, like all the: ideologies have an absolute truth to offer, but when this corporations or collective body social of head lice, or flock of hyenas, etc. (such as they have a great "love, solidarity" in their group of peer), but, when this collective body: it becomes an Institution that is their truth were been in mode initial, as an proposal, but like becomes a project of imperialism:

that is an truth. by impose through the destruction of the other that is, to make dangerous to the enemy, they "try create" ideologically, all those reasons of to do an enemy, That may justify or make it inevitable the destruction of the enemy after that the enemy is been make created/made ​​him dangerous indeed, fortunately,"synagogue of Satan" that, not it is the Jews: as a people, but are the Illuminati and all their occult Institutions"trilateral" "bildenberg" ie, our regime of the IMF or New World Order, Freemasonry, Satanism, etc.. they are, That, have occupied all our institutions:

"That, it not provides for the sale of the our monetary sovereignty, etc. why, all these "family" of: devil: follow the cult of: Lucifer and: this is not provable: only by Mazzini, Cavour, Garibaldi, Albert Pike(Pope of Freemasonry and the founder of the KKK: Ku Klux Klan [/watch?v=2cX4P7NZPqg] fortunately Synagogue of satan"(that has his agenda) has done passed, at the Catholic Church, every aspiration of Imperialism. but, is clear this demon of the religion still lives in the his veins. and this is evident if we look at Islam that is been not able to adequately address: the issue of secularism: that, this costs Hundreds of Christian martyrs: every day, hidden from the monopoly Hebrew (deviation) hidden by the media and institutional NWO-IMF: ie, freemansons, satanists elightened.

because this is that must be said: "if, They had helped all the peoples and all religions, then, satanists would had to lose: their power of domain: ie, universal control, so, they have worked for the destruction of all peoples and of:all the religions which is why Israel will be totally destroyed, in this imminent: 3° WW Nuclear why, first,they true goal agenda of the Illuminati is the genocide of all Jews faithful to YHWH. In fact, the small group of enlightened is functional only in itself! -no. There's no more time to lose! rarely of the various: collective bodies: that are institutions, ideologies religions, views policies: emerge rises an extraordinary man: as "lorenzojhwh" That is the person that has alone: DETECTION for to be alone and perfect in itself:

to rise against everyone and everything and of not to have you need: or, of some institutional mediation or religion and since, he has a direct relationship with God: he is a man with only with God: YHWH! here's why: lorenzojhwh not has most in need of an tradition or of a foundation cultural or of an specific identity because God himself is the beginning and the end of the all-things that is my charisma of the totality of all system cultural and religious and politic of the world that is the justice and the truth to the absolute level. thy the man, it's me, That I am the King of Israel and Father of the whole human race that is: Rei Unius, the Mahdi of the people of Palestine: I am the kingdom of God on the Earth! I am the smallest of the men! ILLUMINATI? are all Luciferian! Yes, they have planned every Holocaust: from after the reign of King Solomon! have designed: even the total destruction of Israel in this imminent: 3 ° WW nuclear! with Atrocities endless, because the people feel betrayed by the Jews: they will do their killing: new shoah. and that is: that: they want the enlightened: that is, to convince all Jews: that is inevitable to be enemies of the all peoples: ie, racism of talmud! how all peoples are your enemies! that all peoples must necessarily be: your enemies: while: it is inevitable that all Jews to be enemies of all the other peoples! but this is not true! are all lies! In fact, it is hatred and Satanism: the foundation of the power of this enlightened:ie, Masonic system: of the bank seigniorage: NWO-IMF.
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  • shalom + salam = blessings too
  • Very beautiful Yehoshua song. God bless you!
  • salom + salam I am a real man: I'm Lorenzo Scarola! I have 40 channels on YouTube: my first word was in my channel lorenzojhwh io sono un uomo reale: io sono Lorenzo Scarola! io ho 40 canali in youtube: il mio primo canale è stato lorenzojhwh
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