demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT

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unfortunately, unfortunately, Muhammad, never been able to understand anything on Christianity, for two reasons: 1. has only known the Apocrypha (false gospels) 2. knew only the Arian Christians (heretics who do not recognize the divine nature of Jesus) putroppo, per sfortuna, Maometto non ha mai potuto capire niete del cristianesimo, per due motivi: 1. ha conosciuto soltanto i Vangeli Apocrifi(falsi vangeli) ; 2. ha conosciuto soltanto i cristiani ariani(eretici, che, non riconoscono la natura divina di Gesù)

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] from 500 to 3500 BC have formed these 322 prophecies, and in fact, Jesus of Bethlehem, first: of: death, she said: "Everything is: accomplished," In the Old Testament we find many prophecies that: relate to the time of the appearance of the Messiah,: her: life, his: earthly ministry. to: to hand: hand that: the years went by, God, by the sacred writers, he added, especially to: detail until - as: an: and great: wonderful mosaic - the Messiah: and: the: your: work: they were so well described by: be perfectly recognizable to every person sincerely: for: the: truth. Here is described, in a schematic way, the steps messianic, blackberries: important. In the Gospels, and-especially in Matthew (who writes for: his fellow Jews), it is: constantly refers to the fulfillment of the ancient messianic prophecies in: life of Jesus Christ:

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] 1. The: descendants: the Christ] In Genesis 3:15, the: before: a promise: of: an: Savior made: Adam and Eve after the sin, the Messiah, the future is simply defined as: "the offspring: female "(where the: woman, according to: terminology: biblical, is: understanding: as" people of God ") that: crush the head of the serpent (Satan) and: the win, coming from: he, however, wounded in the heel (the devil would cause: death of the Savior.) When God called Abraham to leave: his earth: for: to go to an "country that: I will show you," also pointed out: "In you shall be blessed all the families of: the earth" (Genesis 12:1-3 - L). This step is: always been understood as: messianic, in fact, in that: and so Abraham: la: his: offspring would have been a source of: Blessing for: the whole world, if: not: to: Cause: the Messiah promised

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] That : would be born by: lineage of the patriarch: descendant of Shem, the son of: Noah? In Genesis 49:10, we find that: while Jacob gives: her: blessing of the twelve children before: of: death, provides: important clarification: "He that: give rest and: to whom obedience of the peoples" would be an: descendant of: tribe of Judas. In Jeremiah 23:5-6 / 33:14-16, states: that, between: the families of Judas, is: that: the King David that: had the privilege of: count among: his descendants the "right Bud," who "will be called: The LORD our: justice," that: all Jews identified with: the Messiah awaited. 2. The: Birth: to: Bethlehem] The text of the prophet Micah (5:1-2) is: very precise as to the place of: birth: Anointed of the Lord: "But: from: you, Bethlehem Ephrathah or. One will go forth ..

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] that: will be ruler over Israel, whose origins date back to ancient times, from everlasting ... " (L - cf. Matthew 2:3-6). 3. The precursor, John the Baptist] Isaiah 40:3-5 and: Malachi 3:1 announcing the appearance of: an "precursor", as described by the prophet Isaiah: "a: voice cries in the: desert prepared to: street of the Lord Make straight in: steppe: the: road: for: our God .. " (P - cf. Matthew 3:3). God then define, through the prophet Malachi: as, "my messenger" that "prepares: the: street front to: me" (cf. Matthew 11:9-10). 4. Born of: a: virgin] Isaiah 7:14 says that: a: young virgin would conceive and: birth to an: son of: name Immanuel. The archangel Gabriel appeared to: Mary (see Matthew 1:23), after having commanded of: name the baby Jesus (which means "Yahweh saves") reminds you: this:

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] prophecy of Isaiah. Obviously, the name 'Immanuel' must: be taken for: his: etymological meaning (very important for: Semitic peoples), in fact 'Emmanuel' means "God with: us" God in person: was: for: born as: man in the: world! 5. It would have been the Son of God] in the Psalm 2:7 reads: "The Lord said to me: You are my son, today created thee" (L). In Acts 13:33 and Hebrews 1:5 / 5:5, the apostle Paul applies: this psalm to Christ. In Matthew 22:41-46, we find Jesus that: is: think of the Pharisees asked them: who should: be descending the Messiah promised. The Pharisees respond without: hesitation that: it would be a "son" of: David, or had to: be of: descendants: "royal". This had: already predicted Balaam, shortly after the exodus of Israel from Egypt:

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] "I see, but: not: now; look at him, but: not: by: by: a: star: moves by: Jacob , rises: a scepter from Israel ... " (Numbers 24:17 - P). Christ replied, then: the doctors of: law quoting Psalm 110:1 that: said: "The Lord said to my Lord: 'Sit at: my: right: as long as I do: of the: your enemies the footstool of the : your feet '(ND). then asks: "If David then call him Lord, how he his: son?" (L). Pharisees not: know what to: respond: Master wanted: that: they included the : His: descendants: "Human" by: David, but: also that: divine by God himself. 6. The: Escape: in Egypt, and: the: Massacre of the Innocents] Hosea 11:1 is: an: passage in which God speaks: the chosen people, saying: "From Egypt I called my son" (L), while Jeremiah 31:15 refers to women: Judea: that: are grieving for their sons killed during the siege of the: Babylonian,

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] "was heard: one: voice in Ramah, even: and lament: an: bitter weeping Rachel weeping for her children and: reject: of: be comforted ... " (L). as: many Old Testament texts, these verses have: an: double meaning: a contemporary historian or for: an: the near future and a messianic. We're not sure why, in the: his: the gospel, Matthew (2:15,18) makes it: the application, referring to the return from: Escape: Egypt in the: family of Jesus and: the: Massacre of the Innocents perpetrated: by: Herod, that: wanted: delete the Messiah. 7. Date: baptism and: the: death] in the: book of the prophet Daniel (9:24-27), we find: great: prophecy: messianic that: stated: the: date: beginning of the public ministry of the Christ, that: coincide: with: the his baptism, as well as: date: from: death. 8. The miracles]

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] Isaiah 35:5-6 speaks: of the: and great: many miracles that: he reached the Anointed of the Lord of Miracles: which tells: in all the Gospels. 9. Would speak in parables] Psalm 78:2 promises: the habit of: exposing the teachings in parables, that: Jesus actually used a lot in the: course of his: earthly ministry. When asked by the disciples on why: of: this: Her: habit, the Savior quoted an: step of: Isaiah 6:9-10 that: put: emphasize the: hardness of the hearts of the people of Israel that: "heard : with: ears, but: not: included, looked: no: see ... ". In essence, Jesus says, understand that: talk: in parables, why: just who he was: an: sincere seeker of the deep spiritual truths was at hand: the: penalty: of: to deepen the symbolic meaning of: what that: said Master .

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] 10. He lived in Galilee] Isaiah 8:23 / 9:1 speaks of: the: glory that: he would have seen that: contrada of Israel, to: because: of: presence: the Messiah (see Matthew 4: 12-16). 11. It would have been light and: Salvation: for: all nations] Isaiah 42:6-7 / 49:6 / 56:8 speaks: the fact that: the Anointed One would be a: light for: all the nations of world and: not: only for: the people of Israel. Simeon, a devout man who, warned by the Spirit, he recognized in Jesus, born: little, the Messiah, that: waiting: on: a long time, he spoke of: He as: the "Light from: lighten the Gentiles and-glory: your people Israel "(Luke 2:32 - L) .. 12. The: stone corner] Psalm 118:22-23 and Isaiah: 28:16 spoke of: an: foundation laid by the Lord, of: a: stone solid angle: and: precious, that: This would have been: rejected .

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] Jesus applies: these steps to: if: himself (cf. Matthew 21:42 and: parallel). Even if in the epistles: talk about it. 13. Entrance: triumphal entry into Jerusalem] Zechariah 9:9-11 said: "... Your king is coming to: you, He is: right and: victorious, humble and: mounted above: an: ass, on: an : colt ... " (L). Psalm 8:2 spake the praises of the outputs: mouth: of: children. Both these things were fulfilled when Jesus, a: week: before: the: Her: death, entered triumphantly into Jerusalem mounted on of: an: colt while the children around to: He shouted, "Hosanna: the Son of : David: Blessed is he that: is in the name of the Lord Hosanna: in the highest "(L - see Matthew 21).

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] 14. Would be hated without: reason] in the Psalm 69:4,7,8 David spake of hatred: he was, object, without: no: reason. This step was, even messianic, as with many other psalms. John 15:24-25 applies: this text to Christ. 15. Would be betrayed by: an: Friend] Also in an: psalm of: David (Psalm 41:9) it was said: "Even with the man: who lived in peace ... that: ate: my bread, has : up against the heel to: me. " (L). In John 13:18 applies: the same text to the betrayal of Judas. 16. Above: the anguish of Christ before: the: death] Psalm 22 is: one of the: Messianic psalms for: excellence. In vv. 11-15 is: above: the anguish that: Christ would have grasped the idea: of: separation from the Father, to: Cause: the sin of the world that: weighed: at of: Him

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] 17. It would have been abandoned by the disciples] In Matthew 26:31 we read that: Jesus, foreseeing the terror that: he would escape all the disciples will apply: a: prophecy contained: in Zechariah 13:7: "Then Jesus said to them, : This: night All ye in me: at of: fall; why: is: written, 'I will strike the shepherd, and: the sheep of: raw: will be scattered.' " (L). 18. The thirty: and pieces: the potter's field] In Zechariah 11:12-13 we find: amazing prophecy in which God himself speaks through the prophet, saying, "If it seem good, give me my wages if: no, forget it. And they weighed me as my wages thirty, pieces of silver. agg: the LORD said unto me, Cast it for: the potter, that magnificent price at which they valued me from! agg: I took the thirty : shekels of silver, and: I threw them in: home: for the LORD: the potter. "

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] (L). In Matthew 27:9-10 is: cited: this: prophecy. We know that: Judas betrayed the Master for: the: figure. Then, realizing of: to that: had: done, he threw the thirty: pieces of silver in the: temple. The Pharisees said, "It is: lawful to put them in the: treasury, why: I am price of: blood. And: took counsel and bought with: that money from the potter's field: serve of: burial at strangers." (Matthew 27:6-7 - L). 19. The abuse] Isaiah 50:6 / 53:7 predicts that: the Son of God would immediately of the: ill-treatment,: description of which is: in all of the last chapters: the Gospels. 20. The taunts] in the: Psalm 22:7-8 reads: "All those that: they see me make fun of: me, stretching my lip and: they shake the head, saying, He is: given the LORD, the free, therefore, the helpers, as the likes! " (ND).

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] In Matthew 27:39-43 we read these same words with: Doctors of sarcasm: read and: the elders of the Jewish people to the front: the cross. 21. His suffering and: the: atoning death:] In one of the: more: touching distance of the Old Testament and: of: all: the: Bible, Isaiah (52:13-15 / cap.53), the Prophet : Messianic described: anxiety, abuse and: the: atoning death: the Savior. Prophesied also that: would be buried in: tomb of: an: rich (53:9), as: in fact took place, because Jesus had been buried in: grave new: the wealthy Joseph of Arimathea. 22. The: death on: cross, carved up his clothes] Also in the Psalm 22:16-18, we talked: of: the "hands and: foot drilled", of: divisions of clothes and: of: shot to: fate of : a: robe. All this came to pass in an amazing way to: death of Christ,

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] when the Roman soldiers, after they had crucified him, they divided his garments, as: was: custom: then. John 19:23-24, quoting this psalm, states: that: the soldiers, seeing that: the: tunic: of: Jesus was, without seams: and: then of: good: invoice, decided of: pull: to: fate between: them. 23. Vinegar: and drink: death of: heartbreak] Psalm 69:20-21 spoke: of: heart broken with sorrow ... you think: that: is: was, is this: the: death of Jesus: in fact Pilate marveled that: he died so quickly, given that: the torture of: cross was, designed on purpose for: last several hours . in the: Psalm speaks: also of: gall and vinegar offered by: drink (cf. Matthew 27:33,34,48). 24. "My God, my God, why: have you forsaken me?" ] In the: Psalm 22:1 we find the: same: sentence that: Jesus spoke first: of: breathe,

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] feeling separate from the Father of of: He weighed all the sins of the: and the world: just this earned him the: death (see Matthew 27:46). 25. No bones would have been broken] In Exodus 12:46 and Numbers 9:12, including: other instructions relating to Easter, we find: prescription of: eat the lamb: spezzarne any bones. Now, we know that: the: Easter: Jewish, as well as to: recall the transition (from the meaning of: word 'Easter') from: slavery to: Freedom of Israel foreshadowed: even the atoning sacrifice of the Messiah promised. The Roman soldiers came - as: was: use - for: to break his bones in the legs and hasten the: death, why: was: for: to begin on Saturday, they found him already dead and: not: they touched, except forargli the cost with: a: spear:

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] for: Make dell'avvenuta: death (cf. John 19:36, that: quote: just the two Old Testament passages above). 26. not: it has suffered the: decomposition: death] We read in the: Psalm 16:10: "Because thou not: let the soul: my: in the: Sheol (= tomb) and: not: wilt that: your Holy see: the: corruption "(ND). In Acts 2:27,31 / 13:35-37 applies: this step to: the resurrection of Christ, whose body not: it suffered the physical consequences of: death. 27. Ascension] In the Psalms 24:7-10 and: 68:18, we announced: the ascension of Christ into heaven, after: Resurrection (cf. Acts 1:9 / Ephesians 4:7-8).

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[demonstration: Scientific: of 332: Messianic prophecies: of OLD TESTAMENT] 28. The: His: a work of priest in heaven] In Zechariah 6:12-13 we specified that: the Messiah, called "The Branch" will play an office of priest in the Temple of: Simply God: read ' epistle to the Hebrews for: find explained everything. scientific evidence for this? I ask the obedience of faith! that is, to do no harm, to the innocent Christians!

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[prova: scientifica: 332: PROFEZIE MESSIANICHE:of ANTICO TESTAMENTO] dal 500, al 3500 a.C. si sono formate queste 322 profezie, ed infatti, Gesù of: Betlemme, prima: of: morire disse: "tutto is: compiuto",
Nell'Antico Testamento troviamo numerosissime profezie that: riguardano il tempo dell'apparizione del Messia, la: sua: vita, il his: ministero terreno. to: mano to: mano that: gli anni passavano, Dio, tramite gli scrittori sacri, aggiungeva: particolare to: particolare finché - as: an: grande and: meraviglioso mosaico - il Messia: and: la: Sua: opera: furono così ben descritti da: risultare perfettamente riconoscibili, ad ogni persona: sinceramente alla: ricerca: della: verità. Ecco descritti, in modo schematico, i passi messianici, more: importanti. Nei Vangeli, and: specialmente in Matteo (che scrive for: i suoi connazionali giudei), si fa: continuamente riferimento all'adempimento delle antiche profezie messianiche nella: vita: of: Gesù Cristo:
1. La: discendenza: del Cristo ] In Genesi 3:15, nella: prima: promessa: of: an: Salvatore fatta: ad Adamo ed Eva: subito dopo il peccato, il Messia: futuro viene semplicemente definito as: "progenie della: donna" (ove la: donna, secondo la: terminologia: biblica, is: intesa: as: "popolo of: Dio") that: schiaccerà il capo al serpente (Satana) and: lo vincerà, venendo da: lui però ferito al calcagno (il Diavolo avrebbe provocato la: morte del Salvatore). Quando Dio chiamò Abramo ad uscire dalla: sua: terra: for: andare in an: "paese that: io ti mostrerò", precisò anche: "In te saranno benedette tutte le famiglie della: terra" (Genesi 12:1-3 - L). Questo passo is: sempre stato inteso as: messianico; infatti, in that: modo Abramo and: la: sua: progenie sarebbero stati fonte of: benedizione for: il mondo intero, if: not: to: causa: del Messia: promesso that: sarebbe nato dalla: stirpe del patriarca: discendente of: Sem, figlio of: Noè? In Genesi 49:10, troviamo that: Giacobbe mentre dà la: sua: benedizione ai dodici figli, prima: of: morire, fornisce una: precisazione importante: "Colui that: darà il riposo and: al quale ubbidiranno i popoli" sarebbe stato an: discendente della: tribù of: Giuda. In Geremia: 23:5-6/33:14-16, si precisa: che, fra: tutte le famiglie of: Giuda, is: quella: del re Davide that: avrebbe avuto il privilegio of: annoverare fra: i suoi discendenti il "Germoglio giusto" il quale "sarà chiamato: l'Eterno nostra: giustizia", that: tutti gli Ebrei identificavano with: il Messia: tanto atteso.
2. La: nascita: to: Betlemme ] Il testo del profeta: Michea: (5:1-2) is: molto preciso riguardo al luogo of: nascita: dell'Unto del Signore: "Ma: da: te, o Bethlehem Efrata... uscirà colui that: sarà dominatore in Israele, le cui origini risalgono ai tempi antichi, ai giorni eterni..." (L - cfr. Matteo 2:3-6).
3. Il precursore: Giovanni Battista: ] Isaia: 40:3-5 and: Malachia: 3:1 annunciavano l'apparizione of: an: "precursore", descritto così dal profeta: Isaia: "una: voce grida: in the: deserto preparate la: via: del Signore! Raddrizzate nella: steppa: la: strada: for: il nostro Dio..." (P - cfr. Matteo 3:3). Dio lo definirà poi, tramite il profeta: Malachia: as: "il mio messaggero" that: "prepara: la: via: davanti to: me" (cfr. Matteo 11:9-10).
4. Nato da: una: vergine ] Isaia: 7:14 dice that: una: giovane vergine avrebbe concepito and: partorito an: figlio of: nome Emmanuele. L'arcangelo Gabriele, apparso to: Maria: (cfr. Matteo 1:23), dopo averle comandato of: chiamare il bambino Gesù (che vuol dire "Yahweh salva") le ricorda: questa: profezia: of: Isaia. Ovviamente, il nome 'Emmanuele' doveva: essere preso for: il his: significato etimologico (molto importante, for: i popoli semiti), infatti 'Emmanuele' significa: "Dio with: noi": Dio in persona: stava: for: nascere as: uomo in the: mondo!
5. Sarebbe stato Figlio of: Dio ] in the: Salmo 2:7 si legge: "L'Eterno mi disse: Tu sei il mio figliuolo, oggi t'ho generato" (L). In Atti 13:33 ed Ebrei 1:5/5:5, l'apostolo Paolo applica: questo salmo to: Cristo. In Matteo 22:41-46, troviamo Gesù that: fa: riflettere i Farisei chiedendo loro of: chi doveva: essere discendente il Messia: promesso. I Farisei rispondono senza: esitazione that: sarebbe stato "figlio" of: Davide, ovvero doveva: essere of: discendenza: "regale". Questo lo aveva: già predetto Balaam, poco dopo l'esodo d'Israele dall'Egitto: "Lo vedo, ma: not: ora; lo guardo, ma: not: da: vicino: una: stella: si muove da: Giacobbe, si alza: uno scettro da: Israele..." (Numeri 24:17 - P). Cristo replica: allora: ai dottori della: legge citando il Salmo 110:1 that: diceva: "L'Eterno dice al mio Signore: 'Siedi alla: mia: destra: finché io faccia: of the: tuoi nemici lo sgabello of the: tuoi piedi' (ND). Poi chiede: "Se dunque Davide lo chiama: Signore, com'è Egli his: figliuolo?" (L). I Farisei not: seppero cosa: rispondere: il Maestro voleva: that: comprendessero la: Sua: discendenza: "umana" da: Davide, ma: anche quella: divina: da: Dio stesso.
6. La: fuga: in Egitto and: la: strage degli innocenti ] Osea: 11:1 is: an: passo in cui Dio parla: del popolo eletto, dicendo: "Fin dall'Egitto chiamai il mio figliuolo" (L), mentre Geremia: 31:15 si riferisce alle donne della: Giudea: that: piangono i loro figli uccisi durante l'assedio of the: Babilonesi: "S'è udita: una: voce in Ramah, an: lamento and: an: pianto amaro: Rachele piange i suoi figli and: rifiuta: of: essere consolata..." (L). as: molti testi dell'Antico Testamento, questi versetti have: an: duplice significato: uno storico contemporaneo o for: an: futuro imminente ed uno messianico. Ne siamo sicuri perché, in the: his: vangelo, Matteo (2:15,18) ne fa: l'applicazione, riferendoli al ritorno dalla: fuga: in Egitto della: famiglia: of: Gesù and: alla: strage degli innocenti perpetrata: da: Erode, that: voleva: eliminare il Messia.
7. Data: del battesimo and: della: morte ] in the: libro del profeta: Daniele (9:24-27), troviamo una: grandiosa: profezia: messianica: that: precisava: la: data: dell'inizio del ministero pubblico del Cristo, that: coincideva: with: il his: battesimo, nonché la: data: della: morte.
8. I miracoli compiuti ] Isaia: 35:5-6 parla: of the: grandi and: svariati miracoli that: avrebbe compiuto l'Unto del Signore, miracoli of: cui si narra: in tutti i Vangeli.
9. Avrebbe parlato in parabole ] Il Salmo 78:2 preannuncia: l'abitudine of: esporre gli insegnamenti in parabole, that: Gesù effettivamente usò molto in the: corso del his: ministero terreno. Interrogato dai discepoli sul why: of: questa: Sua: abitudine, il Salvatore citò an: passo of: Isaia: 6:9-10 that: metteva: in risalto la: durezza: del cuore del popolo of: Israele that: "udiva: with: le orecchie, ma: not: comprendeva, guardava: senza: vedere...". In pratica, Gesù fa: intendere that: parlava: in parabole, why: solo chi era: an: sincero ricercatore delle profonde verità spirituali si dava: la: pena: of: approfondire il significato simbolico of: quello that: diceva: il Maestro.
10. Avrebbe abitato in Galilea: ] Isaia: 8:23/9:1 parla: della: gloria: that: avrebbe visto quella: contrada: d'Israele, to: causa: della: presenza: del Messia: (cfr. Matteo 4:12-16).
11. Sarebbe stato Luce and: Salvezza: for: tutte le nazioni ] Isaia: 42:6-7/49:6/56:8 parla: del fatto that: l'Unto del Signore sarebbe stato una: luce for: tutte le nazioni del mondo and: not: solo for: il popolo d'Israele. Simeone, uomo pio che, avvertito dallo Spirito, riconobbe in Gesù, nato da: poco, quel Messia: that: attendeva: da: tanto tempo, parlò of: Lui as: della: "Luce da: illuminar le genti and: gloria: del tuo popolo Israele" (Luca: 2:32 - L)..
12. La: pietra: angolare ] Il Salmo 118:22-23 and: Isaia: 28:16 parlavano of: an: fondamento posto dal Signore, of: una: pietra: angolare solida: and: preziosa, that: però sarebbe stata: rigettata. Gesù applica: questi passi to: if: stesso (cfr. Matteo 21:42 and: paralleli). Anche nelle epistole if: ne parla.
13. L'entrata: trionfale in Gerusalemme ] Zaccaria: 9:9-11 diceva: "... Il tuo re viene to: te, Egli is: giusto and: vittorioso, umile and: montato sopra: an: asino, sopra: an: puledro d'asina..." (L). Il Salmo 8:2 parlava: delle lodi uscite dalla: bocca: of: fanciulli. Ambedue le cose si avverarono quando Gesù, una: settimana: prima: della: Sua: morte, entrò trionfalmente in Gerusalemme montato su of: an: puledro d'asina, mentre i fanciulli intorno to: Lui gridavano: "Osanna: al Figliuolo of: Davide! Benedetto colui that: viene in the: nome del Signore! Osanna: nei luoghi altissimi" (L - vedi Matteo 21).
14. Sarebbe stato odiato senza: ragione ] in the: Salmo 69:4,7,8 Davide parlava: dell'odio of: cui egli era: oggetto, senza: alcuna: ragione. Questo passo era: anche messianico, as: molti altri salmi. Giovanni 15:24-25 applica: questo testo to: Cristo.
15. Sarebbe stato tradito da: an: amico ] Sempre in an: salmo of: Davide (Salmo 41:9) si diceva: "Perfino l'uomo with: il quale vivevo in pace... that: mangiava: il mio pane, ha: alzato il calcagno contro to: me." (L). In Giovanni 13:18 si applica: questo stesso testo al tradimento of: Giuda.
16. Predetta: l'angoscia: of: Cristo prima: della: morte ] Il Salmo 22 is: uno of the: salmi messianici for: eccellenza. Ai vv. 11-15 is: predetta: l'angoscia: that: avrebbe afferrato Cristo all'idea: della: separazione dal Padre, to: causa: del peccato del mondo that: pesava: su of: Lui.
17. Sarebbe stato abbandonato dai discepoli ] In Matteo 26:31 leggiamo that: Gesù, antivedendo il terrore that: avrebbe fatto fuggire tutti i discepoli, vi applica: una: profezia: contenuta: in Zaccaria: 13:7: "Allora: Gesù disse loro: Questa: notte voi tutti avrete in me una: occasione of: caduta; why: is: scritto: 'Io percoterò il pastore and: le pecore della: greggia: saranno disperse'." (L).
18. I trenta: sicli and: il campo del vasaio ] In Zaccaria: 11:12-13 troviamo una: stupefacente profezia: in cui Dio stesso parla, attraverso il profeta, dicendo: "Se vi par bene, datemi il mio salario; if: no, lasciate stare. Ed essi mi pesarono il mio salario: trenta: sicli d'argento. and: l'Eterno mi disse: Gettalo for: il vasaio, questo magnifico prezzo al quale m'hanno stimato! and: io presi i trenta: sicli d'argento and: li gettai nella: casa: dell'Eterno for: il vasaio." (L). In Matteo 27:9-10 is: citata: questa: profezia. Sappiamo infatti that: Giuda: tradì il Maestro for: quella: cifra. Poi, resosi conto of: quello that: aveva: fatto, gettò i trenta: sicli d'argento in the: tempio. I Farisei dissero: "Non is: lecito metterli in the: tesoro delle offerte, why: son prezzo of: sangue. and: tenuto consiglio, comprarono with: quel danaro il campo del vasaio da: servir of: sepoltura: ai forestieri." (Matteo 27:6-7 - L).
19. I maltrattamenti ] Isaia: 50:6/53:7 predice that: il Figlio of: Dio avrebbe subito of the: maltrattamenti, la: cui descrizione si trova: in tutti gli ultimi capitoli of the: Vangeli.
20. Gli scherni ] in the: Salmo 22:7-8 si legge: "Tutti quelli that: mi vedono si fanno beffe of: me, allungano il labbro and: scuotono il capo, dicendo: Egli si is: affidato all'Eterno; lo liberi dunque, lo soccorra, poiché lo gradisce!" (ND). In Matteo 27:39-43 possiamo leggere queste stesse parole pronunciate with: sarcasmo dai dottori della: legge and: dagli anziani del popolo giudeo davanti alla: croce.
21. Le Sue sofferenze and: la: morte espiatoria: ] In uno of the: more: toccanti passi dell'Antico Testamento and: of: tutta: la: Bibbia, Isaia: (52:13-15/cap.53), il profeta: messianico, descriveva: l'angoscia, i maltrattamenti and: la: morte espiatoria: del Salvatore. Profetizzava: anche that: sarebbe stato sepolto nella: tomba: of: an: ricco (53:9), as: infatti avvenne, essendo stato Gesù sepolto nella: tomba: nuova: del ricco Giuseppe d'Arimatea.
22. La: morte sulla: croce, le vesti spartite ] Sempre in the: Salmo 22:16-18, si parlava: of: "mani and: piedi forati", of: spartizioni d'indumenti and: of: tiro to: sorte of: una: veste. Tutto ciò si avverò in modo stupefacente alla: morte of: Cristo, quando i soldati romani, dopo averlo crocifisso, si spartirono le Sue vesti, as: era: usanza: allora. Giovanni 19:23-24, citando questo salmo, precisa: that: i soldati, vedendo that: la: tunica: of: Gesù era: senza: cuciture and: quindi of: buona: fattura, decisero of: tirarla: to: sorte fra: loro.
23. Aceto da: bere and: morte of: crepacuore ] Il Salmo 69:20-21 parlava: of: cuore spezzato dal dolore... si pensa: that: sia: stata: proprio questa: la: morte of: Gesù: infatti Pilato si meravigliò that: fosse morto così in fretta, dato that: il supplizio della: croce era: stato studiato apposta: for: durare molte ore. in the: salmo si parla: anche of: fiele and: aceto offerti da: bere (cfr. Matteo 27:33,34,48).
24. "Dio mio, Dio mio, why: mi hai abbandonato?" ] in the: Salmo 22:1 troviamo la: stessa: frase that: pronunciò Gesù prima: of: spirare, sentendosi separato dal Padre: su of: Lui pesavano tutti i peccati of the: mondo and: proprio questo gli procurò la: morte (cfr. Matteo 27:46).
25. Nessun osso ne sarebbe stato spezzato ] In Esodo 12:46 and: Numeri 9:12, fra: le altre istruzioni relative alla: Pasqua, troviamo la: prescrizione of: mangiare l'agnello senza: spezzarne alcun osso. Ora, sappiamo that: la: Pasqua: ebraica, oltre to: ricordare il passaggio (dal significato della: parola: 'Pasqua') dalla: schiavitù alla: libertà d'Israele, prefigurava: anche il sacrificio espiatorio del Messia: promesso. I soldati romani venuti - as: era: d'uso - for: spezzargli le ossa: delle gambe ed affrettarne la: morte, why: stava: for: cominciare il sabato, lo trovarono già morto and: not: lo toccarono, salvo forargli il costato with: una: lancia: for: assicurarsi dell'avvenuta: morte (cfr. Giovanni 19:36, that: cita: appunto i due passi dell'Antico Testamento sopraindicati).
26. not: avrebbe subìto la: decomposizione della: morte ] Leggiamo in the: Salmo 16:10: "Perché tu not: lascerai l'anima: mia: in the: Sceol (= tomba) and: not: permetterai that: il tuo Santo veda: la: corruzione" (ND). In Atti 2:27,31/13:35-37 si applica: questo passo alla: resurrezione of: Cristo, il cui corpo not: subì le conseguenze fisiche della: morte.
27. L'ascensione ] Nei Salmi 24:7-10 and: 68:18, troviamo preannunciata: l'ascensione of: Cristo al cielo, dopo la: resurrezione (cfr. Atti 1:9/Efesi 4:7-8).
28. La: Sua: opera: sacerdotale in cielo ] In Zaccaria: 6:12-13 troviamo specificato that: il Messia, chiamato "il Germoglio", svolgerà un'opera: sacerdotale in the: Tempio of: Dio. Basta: leggere l'epistola: agli Ebrei for: trovare spiegato tutto ciò. per questa prova scientifica? io chiedo l'obbedienza della fede! cioè, di non fare del male, ai cristiani innocenti!