King Saudi Arabia my friend

242_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the blood, in Rothschild, veins, of Hitler?] It has: said, that they had: asked of: be, an: meeting with: him and 'his minister, the esters, Pik Botha (an emissary of the Illuminati, which, however: not: it was an: his friend, personnel). Then has: added: "While, this interview Rothschild has: admitted, that, in Switzerland, there was a huge sum of: money, and that this money: it could be invested in South Africa if we had, could find, an: agreement, the interest rate of interest. " These bank accounts belonged to: German Jews. The money was confiscated from the Jews of Nazi Germany. Next, have them "genocidati" the Rothschilds had: found, the manner of: pocketing, their money! Everything has already been revealed, some years ago, and has: created, an: big scandal.
243_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the blood, in Rothschild, veins, of Hitler?]: With: the money, the Rothschilds, made a colossal fortune. Botha has me: said, that has: refused the money, but: has: closed, the interview without saying more. Strange? Of course! but: the world is so. The Rothschilds continue to. control, the State and who, on his flag brings their, family coat of arms. They are, themselves, that direct, this country and its people, to: that purpose? Maintain, so, permanent conflict both inside and outside, of, your, borders. Are they, which, in the Middle, East, control, the so-called, "Arc of: crisis" and manipulate, "en passant" producing countries of: oil. not mean that it is the oil, in the center of: the entire global economy, since it was discovered? by David Icke.
244_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [power, human, legitimate, and that illegal.] The human authority has: surely a source. Source: human, divine or diabolical? Where is the power which, in certain cases, an: being, human, has, or may. have, of: give orders, to other human beings? The human authority comes from God, but, while some human beings recognize God, others not:, I recognize. The first prepend, order, divine, to: the human, the latter not, do the opposite, for: they God, not: there is, therefore, not: there is not even, order, hierarchy, that the first say, that which He depends. Consequence: their, act, of: rejection, in: comparisons of God exposes them, demonic influence. The process is simple, an: man who rejects God, compels God to withdraw. Its human authority, stops, of: to be fertilized by God (because God is rejected), and the adversary of God, we, take advantage, for: occupy: him: the place rendered vacant .
245_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [power, human, legitimate, and that illegal.] Lo, causes, Who is Adolf Hitler, to: apart from that, that already, we know, from books, of: history? Pius XII, he believed possessed: the devil, and some persons, of: relief, had the same: belief, for: example, the king of Belgium, Leopold III, and the commander of the, troops , Germany, stationed in Belgium (the general, Alexander von Faikenhausen) had the occasional informal meetings. General, German, not: it was, an: Nazi too, convinced, and, occasionally, expressed his doubts with: people, of: trust. The king of Belgium, was one, of: these people. Durante, an: meeting, which took place, between the two, Leopold III said in general, that, some, years before had: met Hitler in the town of Berchtesgaden. The king, Belgian, described the meeting with Hitler in the way, as follows:
246_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [power, human, legitimate, and that illegal.] "I was impressed by his look, in sharp contrast with the physical, insignificant of character. seemed, that was inhabited by one spirit, which not: it was his. At times it seemed, empty of everything, and, absent. then looked back at the life alone, because the his doppelganger, lo, he went on: in his hand. but: not: he was. really. He is, an: be without, importantly, a nullity, as absolute. " This episode, not: is unique. That, following, has: been, like, the protagonist, an: priest, catholic, city: Schönstatt. The priest found himself, an: day, in the middle, the crowd to: some, underground, from Hitler. In his pocket, an: vial of holy water, and decided, of: to use it, for: "bless" the FÃ ¼ hrer. Throw discreetly, an: little holy water in direction of Hitler reciting a formula of exorcism.
247_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [power, human, legitimate, and that illegal.] The reaction of: Hitler was immediate. began, to: Look around, so strange, hallucinatory, as if, she, wanted: protect against a dark threat. 3: The "Protocols" and Hitler. There, an: booklet, entitled, "The Protocols of the Elders of Sion." Adolf Hitler, read it, and ended up: consider, one a mirror of the Jewish mentality: in general. In his Mein Kampf says: "this, that: many Jews do, perhaps unknowingly, is systematically exposed, in: Protocols of, Savi, of Sion. 'Soon, matter of: knowledge, which, brain, Hebrew, is the author of: these revelations. already that matters is that the Protocols reveal the nature, and, the, activities of the Jews, and, lo: do. so, irrefutable describing very , well, them inner logic, and, their, ultimate goals. " Hildebrand, Santangelo, in his book, The Last Battle,
248_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [power, human, legitimate, and that illegal.] Says, that Hitler decided, of: annihilate the Jews when he discovered, enormous, Jewish ambitions, revealed from the book, the Protocols. In thought, FÃ ¼ hrer the authors of the Protocols not: they were, only, three, or four, fanatics of elitism, Jewish, but: all Jews. Hitler was convinced that all Jews were taken into account, chosen by God, to the domain of the Earth. It was so, sure, that, he decided, of destroying the. them race to complete. 4. : Who has: funded Hitler? Next, to: this thesis, there, there is another, according to which, the FÃ ¼ hrer was "created" by, an: small group of Hebrews, to: Pharisaic mentality, bankers, of: profession, and, financiers, of: lucrative international projects. Through, the occult, satanic, for: definition, these super-rich Jews and strapotenti, they transformed, the average person, the corporal Hitler, an: character, of: first floor.
249_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [power, human, legitimate, and that illegal.] It is known that Hitler was an: passionate, of: Occult and that , to Vienna attended by young, satanic groups. Ended, therefore, for: get noticed, intercept, motivate, "pot", "educate", and: finally, manipulate, by these Jewish bankers, or their emissaries. "Cooked", which was, to: duty, the young corporal, he received the. proposals, prodigious, able, to: allow, of: climb, the steps of the power to: speed. The Jewish bankers, transmitted to the young, some of Hitler, of, them, tempting dishes.
250_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [power, human, legitimate, and that illegal.] When Hitler, he received his, spirit, alien,, accepted, to: open arms, much, more, than, gold, that, the, accompanied made it possible, and immediately, every project of: power and of: human glory. Today the descendants of: these bankers use, their, financial power, for: to convince the world, by, the mass media, of: they have the monopoly, that is, was, Hitler to eliminate six million, of: innocent Jews, not: the capital, that:. the are been: provided. To the reader, it is, of: judging.
251_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, ANTI CHRIST]: command, without depending on: the Pharisees. (Even if, they, themselves: they, put in power). The Anguish, of Jacob. Being greedy, of: material goods and of: power, human, delude the Pharisees, of: to steal, to God, the political authority: required, possession, and Earth. Since, steal, second, the style, self-righteous, it is stealing, legally, that is, with impunity, the Pharisees believe, of: to get away with: with: divine justice: as we can, with the righteousness of man. but: God's justice looks like perhaps, to: the human one? However, the Pharisee, who, for: centuries has: worked to realization of: an: Government, World, decide, suddenly, of entrustment, the, reins, of: this, Government, to, an: individual , full of: glamor, and, of: seduction. is convinced that this individual will serve his interests, as have always done: the, previous puppet policies.
252_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, ANTI CHRIST]: Stroke, of: scene: rather than act as a puppet, the individual, charming, ends, for: believe God, and will, be worshiped by all human beings, including Pharisees! The refusal of the Pharisees causes: war unlikely, through which, Satan, of: causing the car: destruction of Humanity. not: they can take, of: targeting the Creator, he, Satan tries of: destroy the work that we, we, the human style. The chaos of: this third world war, is: huge, extreme, and, to: pay for: the culprits are still: innocent, which, in this case, are all Jews and all: goyim, of: goodwill. The people, good endeavors, of "live and let live", but. he can not, unless, of: always, why: the individual, full of: glamor, turns out to be the anti Christ, and, your, laws oppose obstinately to the only law of life, the law of love preached by Christ.
253_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, ANTI CHRIST] Le, circumstances are that, first, to: pay for: excessive greed Pharisee, and the excessive cruelty of the anti Christ, are, just, the innocent of the world, Jewish. History that repeats itself? At the time of Herod, the children were innocent, slaughtered, one, for, one, now, victims, innocent people die, in bulk, to: thousands, to: tens of: thousands, to hundreds, of: thousands. is the hour, Anguish, of Jacob. "the epicenter, dell'ecatombe, according to the prophets, is Palestine, the one occupied by today, the State of Israel. The adversary attempts, of : destroy humanity, starting from those whom God has: given, priority in everything. Ne, would be capable, but, God, not: he wants to, and not: it allows. Solo, allows , that the Adversary, with: his cruel malice, put, to: test the love that lives within us, and which, directs, or, should lead the life of. everyone, of: us.
254_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, ANTI CHRIST]: Table 7 .. Later, ANGUISH, of: JACOB. "Hourglass of History, is upside down, and leaves, which begins, to get off, on: his first new grain. The Pharisee has: worked for: have, an: Government, worldwide, for: himself. Anti Christ, ne, has: advantage, for, getting drunk of power, that the Pharisee, the has: put, between, the, hands. None of the two , gets the win. The fact is that, for, get, Guide, countries need: to be confirmed: by God, not:, by itself, themselves. This has forced the SS. Trinity, to intervene, directly, in the moment, in which the planetary crisis, comes to a head. God, the Father, delete, in three days, all the evil in the world. 14. God, the Son, returns to earth and set out a his kingdom: confirming the Guide, the UN, people, chosen by him. 15. God, Holy, Holy, pours out his gifts of all, people who have, given their life
255_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, ANTI CHRIST], for: Love, Truth, and who, now, over, to: live. They are with Jesus, which is pleasant stay, with: other. is the New Jerusalem. 16. No trace of the ancient thirsty, of: power. Their weather is really finished. On Earth, life goes on. In the midst of awakening, 17. the elect new Era, they discover that the attempt of Satan, of: lead, self destruction, the Gender, Human, has: contributed in the end. the realization of the project, saving: filter, Humanity, so that the survivors are, people, really, worthy, New Era, and you can, go in, like: you walk into a room prepared for a long time, for : of, Wedding, special ones, the Creator, God, with: his deified creature, and not:, to: half, but: perfectly.
256_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, OF PHARISEES]. Proclaiming masters. Earth using the: concept, biblical, the Kingship of Israel. Today's Pharisees: they think, the eye of: pyramid, which, in this, is the "Government, World." Although the Adversary, is much more intelligent, of: any being, human, he not: be able, to: sow death on earth, if not: was, between, us, that we live on earth, as , to: our house, willing accomplices, to: channeling, his, evil, namely, to: disseminate it. Who are they, these accomplices? Jesus called them Pharisees. Their, not race: it is: off with the passing of centuries. They refer, today, themselves, things, that their fathers were, at the time, of Christ: to steal, cheat, sow, weed, harm, without giving, in the eye, killing, of: hidden. The world, not: he sees them, and, if he sees them, not :: watch them, distracted by how much, things, useless.
257_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, OF PHARISEES]. already, more: it has, for: these evil beings: they are, the, wealth, materials, power, human, earthly glory. [11]. The Adversary them satisfied, but: it, is demanding in return, something of: very precious: the blood of the innocent. The Pharisee of. today, like, that, of yesterday, it is believed, an: to be enlightened, and, like, this, he thinks, of: to be superior to other human beings. is convinced, of: forming, the aristocracy of: People, elect, and, of: to represent, so the more elected the elect of God, (which, however, not: it is named). This, statute, second, he assures the privilege of: have numerous rights and no duties. between, he includes his many rights: the right of: exploit, to: liking: all, breeds in the world (including the Jewish race to which it belongs) and the right: to anticipate, so arbitrary time expected from God, for: the advent of the Kingdom, Messianic.
258_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, OF PHARISEES]. how ever, the Pharisee, is interested in the Kingdom, messianic, to the point of: wanting to anticipate the time? The thing is, because the Pharisee, he thinks, of: to take possession of the kingdom, messianic, as we took possession, of: an: any kingdom, human, cheating, lying, dazzling, next. God, however, not: he wants to, that his elect, confused. the Government, worldwide, with the Kingdom, messianic, the government, the Pharisees, with his, then, the victims, glare, self-righteous, which now threatens us are only among those who, for: pride, or presumption, refuse, of: love, truth it as it deserves. how did the idea of: you, an: Government, World? came along, the centuries, gradually. The Pharisee has: always dreamed of: to build, on earth, an Empire, universal susceptible of: assure wealth, power, and glory.
259_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [the project, OF PHARISEES]. not: to offer to God, how someone could believe, but, to: if same. The, spirit, self-righteous, not: care, interest divine, but, of: if the same, only, of: if the same ... Lo, effort, that the Pharisee, he devoted to the realization of his Empire, Jewish, universal, extends over tens of Centuries, and this, its: design, door, an name, load, of: meaning: Mystery of Iniquity. the project, the self-righteous, for, excellence, an: design, evil, deadly, an: artist, contemporary, represented, drawing, a large octopus. In the drawing, the brain, the octopus is the Pharisee, and the tentacles represent, the various, lodges, Masonic.
260_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu: [IL project, the globalists] It should be noted, that the. conductors are always the: same: people who delude themselves, of: to steal, to God, his power:. I, want, to all the costs, as soon as possible, and, all, for: them. Table 4. The globalists want, take over the planet earth: and govern together, group, ultra: elitist Illuminati. These are believed, authorized to: dominate the world, why: they are, of: Jewish race. Already pulled, the row of world politics, but: not: you do, see, by the public, that, look at the, show, of, puppets, policies, they manipulated. They are well hidden. Strategy of: craft. THE project, the globalists. Steal power: the national governments of the world, and replace, all, with, an: Power: world unique. Consequences, provided: six billion, of: the dead, an: monument, strange, unique in the world, built in 1980.
261_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu: [IL project, the globalists] Someone has: done, erect, Georgia (USA), near of the city of Elberton direction, north, on the road no. 77. is formed by six: heavy monoliths, five of which are placed in the opposite, vertical, and are six feet high, for: Identify the place: I used the Atlas of the American Automobile, Association, and, with: big surprise I discovered, that, the, coordinates, topography, indicating the place, exactly, were: G7. "8. Who has: funded, the" monument "? missing signature, but the messages carved in eight languages: vertical boulders on the show, so, indirectly. These are: to: maltusianisti, the, theories which, they claim, that: the population, worldwide. excessive. 9. maltusianisti I, who have, In fact, build this monument not: are content, of, to say, that there are too many people on earth.
262_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu: They claim that, for: to have, an: world, neat, and. harmonious, must be removed at the earliest, six billion, of: people. Six billion .., an: error of: printing? not: it is, of: an: error of: printing. The first sentence of the text says: "Keep, Genre, human below 500 million, of: population, in constant equilibrium with: nature." Who has: invented this figure? They invented: a half-century ago: the wise: globalism, when: some of: them: 10. have decided that, for, maintain humanity under, control, it was necessary to have: a population, worldwide, of 500 million, of: people, not:, of more. Because, now, on earth there are six billion, half of: people, they say, that it is absolutely necessary, remove, to: half, 11 people out of 12, that is, six billion, of: people. This is: the true reason, that: pushing, the globalists, to: preach, on a roof, that: we need to reduce the population, worldwide, not :: food, they qualified for ... insufficient.
263_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, The Pope knows that the justice of God, not: is, neither blind nor deaf, and, to distance, of: a few, years, Napoleon, he finds himself in: exile, the island of S. Elena, humiliated to the extreme. is forced to to live away from. all, like, an: be, abject, to: who, what, he has served the crown, which was put on the head when nobody could afford, of: contradict him? as, Prometheus ... so, too, Napoleon! 7. [Table 3]. The project, THE NAZIS. Stealing, power, European governments (all already laicized), and establish an: Government, European, unique. those, who took pleasure in seeing that, there was an: return to German pride. For the most part, we Germans were: taken by thousands, other, chores, and not: We cared, of: these things, more of: time. "Today M. Niemà ¶ ller, continues his story by saying:
264_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu: [Project, THE NAZIS] "how, most, of my compatriots, I, I, convinced that the Nazis were, too, crazy, for: be: taken seriously. I am, therefore, satisfied, of: watch, without reacting. Suddenly, we were all trapped.'s it, found taken, without freedom of: maneuvering and without: freedom of: escape. happened overnight. tomorrow to, for: us: is been the end of the world, our, world. My family has: lost everything. Allies have destroyed, the , mine, factory, and I, I, found, in an: field of: concentration camps. " Consequences: sixty-six million, of: the dead, between, which several millions, of Hebrews. The following testimony confirms the historical data, which the Germany of Hitler was found slave: Nazism, in turn, of: one night, the famous Night, crystals. The testimony is, of Martin Niemà ¶ ller.
265_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu: [Project, THE NAZIS]: Martin Niemà ¶ ller says: "Before World War II, I, I had, different factories, and property. When someone asked me if the Nazis were numerous, I answered that. true: Nazis were few. not: I lied. were numerous, however, with Hitler talked of establishing, an: New, Order : European, today, it is called, of establishing, an: New, Order, World. That, that occurred in Nazi Germany could, again, now, to a level, worldwide, with the difference that, new dictators :: not be satisfied, plus, of: an: continent. want them all. (Enough for them, the whole planet?) course: "NO!" why: their, true, OBJECTIVE, final , is, of: making, rule, Satanism: that, Satan, and all in all! Stealing is, the power: the deity.
266_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu: [Project, THE NAZIS]: The legend of Prometheus: it reflects, to some, so, the history of: bad, original. The case of: I want to speak, comes, to Paris on 2 December, 1804, in the cathedral of Notre Dame. Instead, wait for the coronation by, the Pope, who, for: this: he was invited, Napoleon decides: to: to leave, the Pope aside, and, of: crown himself alone. Takes the crown, and if, puts it on the head saying. the, famous words: "God, me, gave, woe, to: Who me, touches it." Consequences: pain, is introduced on the ground. That what they do, today the members of the caste financial: that already controls the world economy? 4. Power, financial, not: them more satisfied, not: enough to: meet, the, them, endless ambitions. Now, they want the power, absolute, and then they do, how, Prometheus.
267_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin. Netanyahu, THE PROJECT, of: PROMETHEUS: 5, to: suppose, that this half-dozen of: oligarchs, super-rich to be successful, to seize on a global scale, even, power, politics, what ever, not: will happen to the Earth when, each, of: they begin to fight with his neighbor, for: ensure, to: if the same, the monopoly of power, supreme? The project, of: NAPOLEON. Stealing, the power, the Sovereigns of Europe, and, go, law, divine, to, an: power, secular (flavor, democratic). Consequences: several millions, of: dead.
268_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, THE PROJECT, of: PROMETHEUS: [Table 2]. Imitating, Prometheus, Napoleon attempts, of seizing another, of: an: power, that not: his own. The power is given by God, to: who it is intended, not:, to: those who dare to demand it, or stretches out his hand, for: take without asking. Napoleon, not: is crowned emperor by anyone, why: car crown himself means "car proclaim," and only has God. this law. 6. But at the moment nobody dares say a word, of: face, gesture, abusive. Also, the Pope, by: hand, his, bear the humiliation in silence. The Plan, destructive of Satan. that is, the power of: directing, a family, a parish, a diocese, a nation, an: the people, the world, the whole is always an: gift, of, God God, the, lavishes, to: those , to which it is intended,
269_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, THE PROJECT, of: Prometheus: but also: being, human, presumptuous can always, groped, of seizing another, of: this, that, not belongs to ::. not: there: on this theme, examples, history (and mythology). In summary, the whole, I find myself, with: seven tables, which, in a way, succinctly expressed, the timing of the Plan, destructive, that Satan opposes the plan, of salvation, of: God The comparison : is between, two powers, that: fight, one against the other. Since the action. Satanic aims, the earth has: need of: human accomplices, Satan chooses them: between, those who have thirst, of: power, thirst, bitter and mortal, that there is. Table 1: The project of Prometheus: Stealing, power: the deity. Consequences: pain, is introduced on the ground.
270_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, [Table 2]: The project of Napoleon: Stealing, power: the Sovereigns of Europe, and. pass from the law, divine, to, an: power: secular (flavor, democratic). Consequences: several millions, of: dead. Table 3: The project of the Nazis: Stealing, Governments: European (formerly secularized all) their, respective powers, and replace the whole thing, with, an: Government, European, unique. Consequences: sixty-six million, of: dead. Table 4: The project of the globalists: Stealing, the power, the national governments of the world, and replace, all, with, an: Power, worldwide unique. Consequences, provided: six billion (!) Of: dead. Table 5: The project of the Pharisees: Proclaiming masters of exploiting Earth: the concept, biblical: the Kingship, Israel. Table 6: The project: anti Christ: Exercise, power, for, if, itself, not:, for: the Pharisees that they do, put in: saddle.
271_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu: [Table 7]: After the Agony, of Jacob ": The History of the hourglass is turned upside down, and leaves fall, his first, new , grain. Table 1. Prometheus, is that character, which, in classical mythology tried, of: subtract, to Jupiter, the divine authority stealing it, scepter. This contained the. lightning symbol of power, supreme. cedi:. Punishment of Prometheus. chaos in the world today, is so large that several, of: we exclaim, perplexed: "If. the, things, not: change, soon, will be the end of: everything. "and that, say, then, of the divine promise, second, that:
272_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, "Before the end, there will be one on earth, beautiful, kingdom, like, an: advance the kingdom, heavenly", ie Kingdom of unius REI? When will, this kingdom? Lo, we shall see, an: day?, For: answer to: this question, and to: many, others, God, uses, its spokesman. They are the prophets, people, common, of: all peoples, and religions, our contemporaries, Jews or Goym as we. Together, their messages, ends, for: produce, in front, to: me, an: mosaic, depicting, an: great, and wonderful project. Project, divine?, For: understanding, meaning, of, images in the mosaic, I feel, pushed to the People Israel.
273_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, in the project, in fact, take the Jews, an: role of: the first order, for: example, a scene that illustrates the chaos world that now scares the human, Genre, shows that such chaos not: is the result of chance, but depends on the will irreducible, of: an: small, number of: powerful families, Jewish, to mentality Pharisees. 2. These families, prepare, to: dominate: the world, exploiting to: them, as follows: the concept, the biblical of the Kingship of Israel, for: reach this goal: they have created, in secret, an: conspicuous, Army, multinational, that, of the Freemasons, which, of: hidden, this, that, in the past, were openly, the, armed mercenaries. Difficulty, to: to believe, to: what, who, I see, in the mosaic, and, for: love, of: truth: I decide, of: to shed light on the mission, that the Jews, received from God I find, that God has: always asked for the Children of Israel, of: preserve them in holiness.
274_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, for: what reason? He did: and, still, does, because, the House of Israel, has, for: mission of: enlighten the world, surrounding, like, would do an: lighthouse of: light, intended: to orient, sailors eager: of: to arrive, to: good harbor. In this sense, the holiness of the People, Hebrew appears to me: as if, were: electricity, that: keeps a. lighthouse on. it is obvious, that: if the Jews were, to: fail: of all, the holiness, the lighthouse, conceived: God, be extinguished, (e, n: lighthouse off: :: not need more, to: nothing, in fact, becomes an: danger, extra). Many, readings, prophetic convince me, that: today the house of Israel, is the equivalent of: an: lighthouse, almost out. The light that makes is so weak, that God has: decided, of: reconstruct, this, his, "lighthouse" from top to: fund.
275_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, for: this work are provided, three years and a half, of: great suffering, due, according to the prophets: at work, of: demolition, which, with the permission of God, will be carried out, by anti Christ. I find, that, in, the Scriptures, in the past, this time: it is prophesied, by name, of "Anguish, of Jacob." Prophecies latest inform me, that, immediately after, this famous "Anguish" History of the hourglass will be turned upside down. already means that, for: the survivors begin an era completely new. Waking up in the world, again, the survivors realize that, period, agonizing, just across, actually had one purpose: 3. , serve. filter, purifier, the Kingdom, messianic, that holy, kingdom, land, that God has: promised to men of: good will, as, in advance, of the kingdom of heaven.
276_282. [Apostasy, Apocalypse, apotheosis] [kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, Apostasy: The Government, world, ends in. hand: the anti Christ. They pursued the elect of God: Hebrews: and: not :: Jews, and attempts, of: abolishing it. (Religion, and not home: they are, but the most sacred concepts: "crimes"). The error of: many is, of: believe, that the government, worldwide, anti Christ, both, or: can be: the Kingdom, Messianic. 1. APOCALYPSE: At the end of the great, persecution of the anti Christ, God the Father, action, and eliminating the evil, in: three days (three days of: dark). APOTHEOSIS: God, Spirit, Holy Confirmation: the good, the veterans: the Great, tribulation (cf. "First Resurrection", Ap 20,4:6). God, the Son, returns to Earth in the person of: unius REI, and establishes its United, political, messianic, (according to the promise). Beginning, New Era Universal.
277_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, I dedicate to my sister, Mary, daughter of Israel, Mother of God, and Humanity. "Through, you, Mary, I love, all the Jews of the world.'ll Dedicate these, my, pages, written. Helps their readers, to understand them, for: the one, that is, an: act, of: hope against the people, that you has: her grow up on earth. Because now, in Heaven, your motherhood extends to: all peoples. around the world, I ask you, of: intercede with God: for : in virtue of: it our earth, divided and tormented for centuries, arrive early: the unity and peace. is why, I am unius REI.
278_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, nicknamed Bibi Often, is an Israeli politician, prime, minister of Israel from June 18, 1996: because, the, victim is hypnotized by his super predator: the , Pharisee, of the, IMF 666 NWO 322: Masonic system of Satan? Because, it has been poisoned by his ideological errors, religious and political, and Because, even you (like, your fathers: will fall into, shoah) as all Governments of the, world, also, you are, the, accomplices of all this: crime, Masonic and banking, but, while,, everyone, will be, massacred, Jews in Israel will be, exterminated, because, 1. there, is no futures, for Israel, after the, inevitable, World War III. 2. World War III, is Necessarily, for IMF, for, would show: his scam, That Is, after having driven into, bankruptcy, many countries Such as: Argentina, Greece: Cyprus, Italy, Spain, etc. .. With Their false, accounting, etc. ..? the, Pharisees can do, that: they want, of all Nations!
279_282. [Kingdom unius REI, or: WOrld WAR III] @ Benjamin Netanyahu, often nicknamed Bibi, is, even political, Israeli, first minister of Israel, from June 18, 1996, because the victim is hypnotized by his super predator: the Pharisee, of the IMF 666 NWO 322: Masonic system, of: Satan? why is been, poisoned. from his mistakes ideological, religious and political, and because, also, you (such as your fathers) as, all the governments of the mono, also, you are, the accomplices, of: all, this: crime, Masonic and banking, but while everyone will be massacred, you will be, exterminated, why not: there, an: the future for Israel, after the inevitable World War III .. because without World War II, the IMF, would show, necessarily: his scam, that is, later, have, led to bankruptcy, many, countries such as: Argentina, Greece: Cyprus, Italy, Spain, etc. .. with: their, false accounting, etc..? the Pharisees can, do, what, who, want, of, Nations!
280_282. [Words of: Farewell, De, Parvulis. (For Jews not :) ::] Dear brother in Christ, The consent of the Gentiles, to: make the sacrifices, for: the Jews, and: the consent, of the Jews, to: make the sacrifices, for: the Gentiles is a manifestation of the divine Wisdom. already goes against your (our) knowledge? Exactly ... Divine Wisdom: :: is not wisdom, and it is, It, that: today takes the initiative, for: remember, that: the restoration of humanity: not :: can, if, before: not :: is, that, of the children of Israel. The children of Israel, are, as, baking powder, that: maketh, pasta destined to: to become bread. In the last 3000 years this yeast has: fermented, and is now ready for: to be mixed with: pasta, that: we, us, the Gentiles. but: since all of us, yeast, and pasta, we, have, of: free will, we can, accept, or reject, the idea of: an "bread." prepared, and: baked, second, divine rather than human criteria. The criteria divine say, That, for: merit, the "bread" of: we, need, must, pray, and to offer its sacrifices each, for: the other, accept, of: wash one another's feet the other. The union, on the ground between Esau and Jacob, union, indispensable to peace, general, and: the common happiness, will in this way ... Affectionate greetings. De, Parvulis.
281_282. [Words of: Farewell, De, Parvulis. (The Jews)] Dear son, Israel, Simon Peter, was one of yours. A poor fisherman, he became Pope, not:, n: any Pope, but: the first in history. So it will be, of: you. You are called to: drive, the, nations, but, for: drive, the, nations is necessary, the sense of justice, and: such sense, it survives only in those who are immunized against pride. Peter has: received his "vaccine, antisuperbia." the night of his betrayal. has: recognized his fault, error, and: has there: crying, above. In this way, has: obtained forgiveness of God, and: the, tears, paid, they, vaccinated against pride, for: the rest of his life. Also, you will be acquitted, by Him, that: your ancestors, crucified.
282_282. [Words of: Farewell, De, Parvulis. (The Jews)] Enough, that: thou, desires, and: you ask, to: he asked forgiveness, blindness, that: so far you has: prevented, of: recognize, such as, the Messiah, and Salvatore. Those among your own, that: imitate, Peter, weeping, on the other, sin will be, forgiven, and: called to: drive, the, nations, who, however, that: imitate, Judah without express any regret, even if, with the price of them, treason, will, become rich, and: powerful, in the end, they will die, alone, and: desperate, as the apostle traitor. Their wealth has lasted, even: day, an hour, an: minute. Is, for: to end the period, of: gestation, the Kingdom, messianic, that: all waiting for centuries. There comes a time, of his birth. Want, an: advice?: Not :: get surprise, unprepared, as it happened, two thousand years ago the vast, majority of your Jewish brothers. Affectionate greetings. De, Parvulis.

1_58. [Notes, and: comments]. @ Arab League is sweet for you suck the, blood of innocent Christian martyrs! [Islamists, and all Their: Caliphate, worldwide, to, do, die, all Muslims, like, the , Nazis, [Notes, and: comments]. 1. Internationalism, Masonic :: is not, wanted by God, and: not: despite already it will serve as a filter, purifier, to globalism, messianic, that: is, willed by God latter, corresponds to the Millennium, happy, that: Saint John describes at the beginning of chap. XX Apocalypse. (Cf. footnote 55, that: play, this, text). is, an: term, confidential, to: people, holy. Only, they, will, subject to, the, persecution of the Antichrist, no hate, no. 2. How, are, the, family, Jewish, horny, of: dominate the world? Their, number, say some, is limited to: three, but: second, others can get, to make twelve. The economic power of: these families is unlimited why: since 1913 they have the control of the production:
2_58. [Notes, and: comments]. @ Arab League is sweet for you suck the, blood of innocent Christian martyrs! [Islamists, and all Their: Caliphate, worldwide, to, do, die, all Muslims, like, the , Nazis, [Notes, and: comments]. and: the circulation of money, of: all countries of the world. The Prophets contemporary feel, that: these sons of Israel, are, selling, their, for Birthright, an: flat, of: lentils. Prepend, in fact, the fleeting, the eternal, as Esau, brother of Jacob, has: already done so, first, of: them. The true birthright, that: is spiritual, not :: affects you. The other, spirit, self-righteous. So strong in them is greed, of: material goods, and, of, power, human, That, for: reach, power, ever, have, put, to: destroy, one after the other , all, structures of the world system, existing. Absurd?: Not:, for: them. They claim, that: "the Order is, from the chaos." (Latin: "Ordo, former chaos."), And, that: if chaos: not :: no need to build it, or "create". artificially.
3_58. [Notes, and: comments]. @ Arab League is sweet for you suck the, blood of innocent Christian martyrs! [Islamists, and all Their: Caliphate, worldwide, to, do, die, all Muslims, like, the , Nazis, [Notes, and: comments]. Want to imitate God, That, for: create, order, present, has: deleted, the previous chaos. In 1717, these children of Israel were founded, to London army secret of: acolytes, that: over time, are scattered in the world, whole, multiplying so, exorbitant, up, beyond belief . These are the Masons. In their secrets, secret meetings, the Masons claim, That, for: to have, an: world new, you have to start, with destroy, that, "old", ie the current. This, he says, also, their, motto, that: in Latin reads: "Ordo, former chaos" .. Let us assume, that, with: the use of the Masonic numerous army: the, spirit, self-righteous, manages to steal: soon: power, worldwide, for: reign, because time? Three years, and: a half? ...

  • @King Saudi Arabia my friend -- oggi da un tuo inutile deserto? tu ci puoi anche guadagnare qualcosa, come, quell'abile commerciante: che tu sei, ma, quando, noi saremo tutti i morti, saranno: i satanisti farisei del FMI-NWO, a ridere contro tutti noi: soltanto!
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    27_282. [@ My Israel: [arm, and the mind]. If the blood circulates poorly, the body is sick, and, if the blood, not: longer circulates takes over death. Icke says, that the Illuminati not: like, seen in public. They prefer to stay hidden, do, like, the puppeteers, pulling, the, string, of, them, puppets, remaining in the background. The Illuminati not: you do, see, by the public, childish, that, look at the, show, so, puppets, appear, stand-alone, not: manipulated, for: example, an: Member of Freemasonry not: never know with precision, from whom comes the order, which obeys, he knows only that the refusal of: obey, would, for: he serious. failure, loss of job, reputation, and, in severe cases, loss of life, to: Unlike the Illuminati whose number is very, small, Icke says that members of Freemasonry can be counted, to: million , and which are present in all countries of the world, and in all walks of life
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    open letter to [Arab League] - you make born, the Kingdom of PALESTINE ((400,000 sq km)), and, then you renunciation: of Sharia law, to do the secular Muslim state: all over the world, that: is why, all Palestinians, and all the Jews of the world, they can all have a HOMELAND, and, I promise you this: I will destroy the State of Israel: and: to protect and bless the ISLAM . رسالة مفتوحة إلى [جامعة الدول العربية] - جعل لكم ولد، والمملكة فلسطين ((400،000 كم مربع))، و، ثم نبذ: الشريعة الإسلامية، على أن تفعل الدولة العلمانية مسلم: في جميع أنحاء العالم، ما يلي: هو السبب ، كل الفلسطينيين، و، وجميع يهود العالم، فإنها يمكن أن يكون كل وطن، و، وأنا أعدكم هذا: أنا سوف تدمر دولة إسرائيل: و: لحماية، و، ويبارك الإسلام
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    @ IIlIIlllI, voodoo cannibal: shit of Enlightened PHARISEE: IMF-NWO 666 slaves idiot crazy 322, CIA IMF-NWO, masonic system of corporations Rothschid SpA, and, All His occult power ------ DRINK POISON MADE BY YOURSELF --- if you do not navigate, away from this page? I will curse: all the souls, of hell, along with all the demons, and their cry will, of terror and despair, along with Their Satan, all together, but they will cry so loud, That will be born earthquakes and tsunamis: on all over the world! When Your Merkel: has taken a bath: in human blood: the last time? murderess go away!
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    The Arab League has not understood: such as: the alliance of the Pharisees of the IMF, with them: it's a trap! or, if they understood it, they believe they can win: in cunning against: all the others, in this way: all the nations conspire into world: one, against: all the others ... in international politics, everyone lies, and therefore all are subject, all'ipcrisia, that: it has become the true law of diplomacy ... but, no, they can actually compete with the Pharisee Satanist of the IMF ((International Monetary Fund)) and his agenda Talmud NWO: for universal slavery, that is: the Pharisee, in a scientific way: is, the super predator, the one that has created and all our institutions, and corrupted all our religions! therefore, the Satanists will wins, if you all do not you submit, to Unius REI!
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    la Lega Araba, non ha compreso: come: questa alleanza dei farisei del FMI, con loro: è una trappola! oppure, se la hanno compresa, loro credono di poter vincere: in astuzia, contro, tutti gli altri, in questo modo: tutte, le nazioni complottano: le une, contro: tutte le altre... nella politica internazionale, tutti mentono, e quindi tutti, sono sottomessi, all'ipcrisia, che: è diventata la vera legge della diplomazia... ma, nessuno, in realtà può competere, con il fariseo satanista del FMI, che, è: in modo scientifico: il super predatore, colui, che, ha creato tute le nostre istituzioni, e corrotto tutte le nostre religioni! quindi, saranno i satanisti a vincere, se, voi tutti non vi sottomettete ad Unius REI!
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    all Muslim countries: have become Islamic terrorists: here is why: the Arab League is criminal!, all of them have been proven to not be worthy: to have the management of political sovereignty, therefore, to save their lives, and to avoid war worldwide, they all have to be submitted: under: a guardian, attorney, as Unius REI. tutte le Nazioni Musulmane sono diventate islamiche: ecco perché: la Lega Araba è criminale!, tutti loro hanno dimostrato di non essere degni: di avere: la gestione di una sovranità politica, quindi, per salvare loro la vita, e per evitare la guerra mondiale, loro devono essere sottomessi tutti: ad un tutore, procuratore, come Unius REI.
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    03/01/2013 EGYPT. [any sharia has his jihad: destroy the infidels: then you can destroy Israel. said: Arab League] Egypt, two Coptic Orthodox children aged 9 and 10 risk jail on blasphemy charges. A court in Bani Suef (Upper Egypt) rejects family's appeal for Rzik Nagy, age 10 and Mina Fara, nine. The two charged with desecrating pages of the Koran. Arrested April 2012 they will remain in a juvenile detention center until the final sentence. Fr. Rafic Greiche denounces Muslim Brotherhood attempts to secretly control every sphere of society. Cairo (AsiaNews) - Yet another case of violence and abuse against Coptic Christians. On 26 February, the Court of Bani Suef (Upper Egypt) dismissed the appeal of the families of the two children Rzik Nagy, aged 10, and Mina Farag, 9, accused of desecrating the Koran. They have been detained in a juvenile prison since April 2012.
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    EGYPT. [any sharia has his jihad: destroy the infidels: then you can destroy Israel. said: Arab League] 03/01/2013 EGYPT. [any sharia has his jihad: destroy the infidels: said Arab League]The case has attracted a lot of criticism in the country. Many claim the trial was illegal and devoid of any logic. Sami Harak, a lawyer and member of the Egyptian Movement Against Religious Discrimination, points out that "the Bani Suef case is a sad precedent and in the future there may be others for religious defamation, especially against children of the Christian faith." On 9 April 2012 the two were stopped by a local imam who accused them of having urinated on the Koran. Before calling the police, the Muslim cleric led Nabil and Nady to the local church demanding the priest punish them.
4_58. [Notes, and: comments]. @ Arab League is sweet for you suck the, blood of innocent Christian martyrs! [Islamists, and all Their: Caliphate, worldwide, to, do, die, all Muslims, like, the , Nazis, [Notes, and: comments]. One thing is certain: this innovative system, (we, wrong, or right, of: call: New, Order, World?): Not :: can never be, forever, as the Pharisees would, that: he was. The reason is, that: it: not :: emanates from God, the only Being able of: conceive, things eternal, but: four beings, of: human nature. The Kingship of Israel, however, is a Kingship conceived by God, with, an: destiny for eternity. At least, that is, they say,, scriptures, sacred. 3. This period, apocalyptic, is located in the middle, with two others, that: resemble him: that, the Flood, and: that, at the End of the World, of, these three, only apocalyptic times, the third, has: value , of: Apocalypse, absolute. The other two are the equivalent of: two apocalypses on.
5_58. [Notes, and: comments]. @ Arab League is sweet for you suck the, blood of innocent Christian martyrs! [Islamists, and all Their: Caliphate, worldwide, to, do, die, all Muslims, like, the , Nazis, [Notes, and: comments]. The second term, given its location, median, could be called, "apocalypse, intermediate" .. (That said, the period, in fact, is designed, for: preparing the Parousia intermediate). [4]. This caste secretly controls, the Fund, Monetary, International, (the famous, IMF) and is formed by the Pharisees. The mentality of: these modern Pharisees is as elitist, one of them, the ancient fathers, those, that: Jesus called "race, of: vipers." and "whited sepulchres" .. The Pharisees, of: today, they form an: group, oligarchic, That, to the strength, of: crimes, and: plots (prodottisi especially in the last two centuries) was unsuccessful, due to the right, of: print , money, of: all, nations of the earth, and, of: control, movement. (Officially, these "rights." Have, purchased power, of: law: 1913. Cf. note 2).